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Provigil = increased anxiety!?

Posted by jealibeanz on September 6, 2006, at 2:59:57

OK, so I just started 400 mg Provigil to help relieve my excessive daytime sleepiness. It has changed sooo much in my wake-sleep cycle. I'm awake and alert during the day and can sleep at night.

Amazing... it's like there's a little piece of the puzzle that's always been missing, and I found it. I never thought I actually had this disorder, although it's very vague in nature, almost like chronic fatigue, but slightly different. I'm sure there are many causes, and the Provigil is one way to fix this. I think my sleepiness is chemically related rather than physical in nature. I'm very healthy.

However, my anxiety has definitely increased due to the Provigil. I want to blame it on added stress, but it's not. This is anxiety that is actually manifesting as muscle tension, difficulty breathing, tight chest, ect for most of my waking hours.

I take 1.5 mg Xanax daily right now. Before, that was more than enough, almost too much actually. I was just about to fall asleep at any moment, so the sedating effect was really felt. But now I feel like I could probably double it without feeling sedated and would need to do so to rid the anxiety.

I feel badly about having to take medication, but they are seeming to have positive effects, just are out of balance right now. Most GP's probably would have problems trying to counter so called "uppers and downers", but he may actually be fine with it, at least temporaruly.

I see him in 6 wks though. I guess I will just try to tough it out for now. I could call and ask to increase, but I'd so much rather talk to him in person about it. Making med suggestions is awkward as it is and I don't want to do it over the phone to his nurse. I also need to get his opinion on taking medication.

I bet he would actually try to convince my that I should, that it's OK. For now, it's the best option I've come upon. Who knows what will happen in the future, except that if I don't take the medication my future will have a lesser outlook.

Some people think it's a crutch, and maybe it is. But to me it's a crutch to help build confidence and skills which will eventually decrease anxiety. Putting life off will only make it worse. I'm young enough that I can probably escape my anxiety problems almost untouched in terms of my future career/lifestyle if treated.

Me admitting that I don't love the idea of needed Xanax and Provigil to function well is a good thing to a doctor. It makes me look less addictive and drug seeking.

Ahh... the anxiety's getting really bad though, almost near lowww level panic. It's never really happened before. But I can't stop the Provigil. I was sleeping alllll day and couldn't get up. It's really improving that aspect 200%.




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