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Re: 1 at a time jealibeanz

Posted by jost on August 22, 2006, at 11:53:16

In reply to Re: 1 at a time, posted by jealibeanz on August 21, 2006, at 23:12:47


I'm not a pdoc, and if you could find a good one (not one who says you don't need any help, and who is compassionate), I'd really want you to ask that person rather than me.

However, given that, your tiredness could be part of atypical depression--which is characterized more by hypersomnia and possiby overeating than insomnia and not eating. However, atypical depression complicated by anxiety--as in my case--can lead to the symptom cluster that you have, ie insomnia and daytime sleepiness, that leaden, weighted-down feeling.

Certainly, I've had that, so it can. That doesn't mean there aren't other possibilites (again, I'm not a pdoc). However, IMH, non-pdoc O, you might do well on an Maoi, which I know you've been thinking about for a long time.

I really really think, especially in the absence of some other idea, you should take some basic information to your GP and start to educate him about maois, especially the exaggerated concerns about food and drug interactions. Of course, the concerns are real, and you need to be careful at the beginning, and all that-- but it's greatly over-drawn.

As you know, there are parnate (more activating), nardil (very good for anxiety, esp social anxiety, but with some tendency to be tiring), and ensam (more activating, possibly good for social phobia, but with possible insomnia--also good because no food interactions esp. at lower doses).

First of all, though, don't make life-changing decisions now. You would be acting impulsively and out of depressed fears and then avoidance of painful possibilities that may not happen, if you get treatment. Selling yourself short, when you don't need to isn't necessary. Just wait on any decision-making.

There's lots of information, either on psychobabble and/or online. Taking it to your GP may make him much more confident about supervising your taking an Maoi. Or can he consult with a pdoc of his own choosing, and still supervise you himself?

You can augment the maoi with xanax, provigil, tiny doses of seroquel, and probably later (it's not a problem for me, although this varies), adderall or ritalin. That's after you choose (or you and your GP together choose) an Maoi and take it for a while, to gauge the effect.

There are lots of options, once you choose a path. Your instincts seem very good to me, and not at all unreasonable. Plus, there are other paths, if the first path doesn't seem great. But you've got to go down one, first. :)





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