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Re: AME SANS VIE Ame-Sans-Vie

Posted by Paulbwell on August 11, 2006, at 7:51:05

In reply to Re: AME SANS VIE Paulbwell, posted by Ame-Sans-Vie on August 11, 2006, at 6:30:21

> Hi Paul, good to see you again!
> Actually, I haven't been on that combination in a good while. More recently I was on Concerta, Xanax, Klonopin, and the occasional barbs for sleep. But then I developed thrombocytopenic purpura and erythema multiforme because of methylphenidate hypersensitivity, immediately stopped the Concerta and started giving the amphetamines a try again. They didn't quite work out as well as they had the previous times, so I stopped Desoxyn last month and have now been on Emsam for 14 days.
> I also have been working on cutting back the benzos... well, that's a bit of an understatement. I now only take 2mg Xanax. No clonazepam. Now that I'm down to such a low dose, my tolerance seems to have reset quite dramatically -- I've been able to cut out the barbs entirely, and now just use Dalmane 60-90mg as needed for sleep.
> So to sum it up, my current regimen is:
> Emsam 20mg qd
> alprazolam 1mg SL bid
> flurazepam 60-90mg hs prn
> Avapro 150mg qd (I may be able to stop this now that I no longer take stims, but I'll wait to get with my GP on that issue)
> All in all, I'm feeling great. Not a panic attack in sight, no social anxiety problems, and no real depression to speak of. I'm taking the Emsam more for energy and motivation, which it [thusfar] is helping with quite a bit (though I know two weeks is probably far too early to really judge).
> I'm in therapy for a newfound diagnosis - Asperger Syndrome. High-functioning autism. Receiving that diagnosis has seriously changed my life; I finally understand the issue that underlies the vast majority of my psych problems! And of course I also still watch my diet carefully, avoid caffeine, and exercise every day. Things are looking wayyyy up. :-)
> So how have things been for you lately?
> Cheers,
> Michael

Hi Ya!


(OMG i think i'm on more psychotropics than you ATM)!!-i remember your extreme reguime a few months ago-Meth/amphetamines, High Xanax, Klon, SEconal/Tuinal-it was quite something.

I have been in hospital (2 weeks) due to alcohol overuse, my PsyDoc came to my house when i was drunk-:( and he sent me to hospital.

Anyway he put me back on 2mgs Clonazepam~3x day+5mg Valium at night, after a quick booze, detox of 40mgs Valium+2 7.5mg Zopliclones for 2 days, (Hospital sucks!!)

He asked me what i would require to control my GAD, without booze, so i quickly, somehow said 3mgs Xanax, which he gave me!! (rare downunder) (this not being USA-this is a rarely used med, i may inquire about 2mgs 2x daily xnt week) with 6mgs Clonaz+5mgs Valium@2 Zoplicones-(i'm benzo tolerant-3,5 years).

I have 300 Ritalins in my closet, from last month. He (Consultant Psychiatrist) said of Ritalin, "it's pro psychotic, and anxiolytic".

Trouble is i get too depressed and slow, so i may mention Dex (I do have a medical diagnosis of ADHD@GAD)so if i can convince him i need an ADHD med, and he hopefully goes along with it, it will help with motivation@mood-I think i remember you saying Dex+Clonaz was the social anxiety treatment, de jour?

You have tried all the stims@ seem to find 80yo Dex the most satisfactory?, even more satisfactory than the rarely scripted Desoxyn. I was scripted 80mgs gen Rit daily.

Man how did you get a Doc to script 2 Seconal or Tuinal daily?, i would love to try a Barb.

Cheers Michael-good health




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