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Re: Remeron for treatment-resistant depression w/G Racer

Posted by CEK on April 4, 2006, at 9:42:48

In reply to Re: Remeron for treatment-resistant depression w/G Caedmon, posted by Racer on April 4, 2006, at 1:07:22

I've read on body building websites about body builders using Metformin to help lose weight by keeping their blood sugar regulated when they eat the carbs that they need for energy preventing weight gain. I know diabetics take it. They also use cycles of T3 along with it to promote weight loss. There are some crazy things that they take to do this. These aren't my suggestions, just things that I have read. When on Effexor my doctor advised me not to take ANY diet pills. She said they would counteract the effects of the AD. For some reason she would never prescribe me Meridia even before the ADs. She said it was dangerous. I know that I have taken Phentermine (against her orders) along with the Effexor and she was right. It would keep me from eating and I would have a wonderful euphoric feeling while taking it(before it would wear off, then I would crash and feel horrible)but by day three of taking it, the depression was worse than ever! I could never take it for long. I did it for the month of June last year and lost 15lbs but started to get chest pains and had to stop. I just delt with the depression during that time. Topamax was wonderful when I took it a couple months ago with Lamictal. Food did not taste as good and I lost the compulsive urge to constantly feed my face even though not hungry. As a woman when I eat chocolate it gives me an euphoric feeling that spreads through my body. (like some sort of drug and I would need it to get a fix) My husband says that when he eats chocolate which he does all the time, he doesn't get this feeling. From what I've read in articles women get this responce from it. They say it mimics the same feeling you get when you are first in love. Well anyway, Topamax took away this feeling. When I ate chocolate or any foods that seemed to ease my anxiety,there was no good feeling or rush. I had no desire to eat like that anymore because instead of feeling good, I'd feel stuffed and want to throw up. I loved it for that part. It was kind of sad for me though, because once eating didn't work for me, there was nothing left to give me that good feeling. I just felt bad all the time. But I had to deal with this because I had gained 40 lbs since August and couldn't go on this way. The psychiatrist that I started seeing last month took me off of the Topamax when he added Zoloft and Seroquel to my cocktail.(he has since stopped the Zoloft) I don't know why he didn't want me to take it anymore. I believe that if your pdoc knows weigh gain is an issue for you and you hate looking like a barn yard animal, he'll prescribe you something that's known to make you fat and take away the things that prevent it. That's my experience.




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