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Posted by TylerJ on March 12, 2006, at 20:23:38

In reply to Re: tyler, posted by NEEDHELPPLEASE on March 12, 2006, at 17:02:02

> hi tyler,
> i am just waiting out this week till i see my pdoc again, when i told his receptionist the way
> the zoloft and paxil was giving me insomnia and making me restless/tense and dissassociated she told me to stop the paxil 20mg. right away. it's been 4 days now and i have no withdrawl at all
> surprisingly but i still have major anxiety and i know i'm smack dab in the middle of a major depression as we speak. xanax is my lifeasver right now, i always feel inseide like if i could find a pill that gave me the feeling of 1 mg. of xanax allday long i'd be just fine. i don't know why my body is such an anxiety producing machine.
> my brother is on lexapro and says it helps him tremendously, but also said he had no se's from it at the past i was on lex for a brief time and it also made me very restless/tense and gave me insomnia. so i don't think our body chemistry is alike?? even though we are bro's.
> i really don't know which direction i would like the doc to go into at this point as far as a med.
> i'm really unsure of which type of med will be the one to help me?? what is the feeling that you get? what can calm the anxiety/depression giant down and not drive me crazy with side effects?
> thanx for your concern,,
> oh and by the way i have been sleeping some by adding benadryl to my nightly xanax. it makes me very groggy in the morning but i could care less since it gives me some sleep. it's the cold/allergy type though? what did you mean by 50 mg. of benadryl?
> take care and thanx,
> peace

Hey, I'm glad you're hanging in there. I know what you mean about the Xanax being your lifesaver-I've been there too many times also in my life. First off, I want to say that your diagnosis is the same as mine, Depression, Anxiety and OCD. So what I'd like to do is make some SUGGESTIONS that you can write down and talk to your doc about. And by the way, use more xanax now if you need it..if it's helping use it. I've been on every ssri made and none really worked that great for me. One snri worked well for me for about 6 years and that was Remeron-and boy does it help you sleep also. Please remember that all psych meds have side-effects, some you just have to live with, and some are intolerable. I gained some weight on Remeron, but hey at least I felt good and after I stopped taking it I lost all the weight. Have you taken any TCA's, there older and dirty but they do work...I think they are superior to ssri's for sure. I took Imipramine for 5 years and it worked very well for me. No weight gain, the only side effect was dry mouth. Now my favorites: I sincerely believe MAOI's are the absolute best antidepressants available. Side effects? Yeah, there are some but not too bad for most people. And the diet is very easy to follow...the only thing I miss is Cheddar cheese. For me, Parnate has relieved my depression 100%, OCD 100%, and anxiety 100%...I love it! It's kind of activating and can cause insomnia, so for you I think Nardil or EMSAM "THE PATCH" would be better choices. Nardil is more sedating and less likely to cause insomnia. See what your doc thinks.

As far as the Benadryl I take just the anti-histamine, but the decongestant/ anti-histamine you have is just as effective. Look at the box, each capsule is 25mgs. I take 2 caps every night. I would also combine your Xanax with this at bedtime. I'm sorry that you are suffering...please take a little more xanax to help you until you see your pdoc. I'll keep you in my prayers, please let me know how your doing and don't be afraid to ask questions. I try to keep things simple without all the technical jargon that just confuses most people. :)





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