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SSRIs et alia, Brain Chemistry and a moving target linkadge

Posted by yxibow on March 4, 2006, at 0:38:25

In reply to Re: To Linkadge deniseuk, posted by linkadge on March 1, 2006, at 16:00:02

> But define "antidepressants work". If by work you mean taking a drug produces some very favorable short term effects, then perhaps they do.
> But if by work, you mean that the drug gets to the root of the problem, and produces a sustainable, consistant, and dependable relief from the depressive illness, then I'd disagree.

You have hit on at least partially a point which I will continue -- the brain... if you are going to believe the biochemical model of neuropsychiatric illness (I prefer to call them than then "mental illness" which tends to have a perjorative sense) then I will continue.

The brain is an ever changing device. I have OCD, which I will have for the rest of my lifetime, due to no fault of anybody but genetics. I have anxiety, and depression due to the same. There will always be ups and downs. So essentially, you're aiming at a moving target.

It is no suprise that a particular drug will work for a particular period of time, because of this moving target. Also over the course of taking the drug, neurons and the like are in a constant, but slow change and flux.

There is no drug that, for the majority of people will "produce.. a sustainable, consistant, and dependable relief", short of possibly those with mild dysthmia or just random good luck.

Short of brain surgery, there is no "getting to the root of the problem" because of this moving target. You can get a good... sometimes even great approximation, but nothing is going to be 100%. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life. Life is for living, and sometimes things suck. Things suck for me horribly now. Things probably suck for a number of people on here horribly. Then discouragement sets in, and trials of drugs are not given long enough time periods. And again, the brain is still a moving target, just like any other part of the body.

So do SSRIs work ? They work for what they are intended for -- relief from depression and anxiety with the informed consent and predisposed knowledge that they, just like any other antidepressant or anxiolytic, could eventually not work at some point.

I think that, if anything, is the root of the matter.




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