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I'm starting Adderall and I need your advice

Posted by chienandalusia on February 6, 2006, at 16:46:19

Hi I'm a 23 year old male and I was just told by a psychologist who gave me a cognitive evaluation that I show enough signs of ADD to warrant taking medication. She said something about not being able to make a formal diagnosis or something because I had not been diagnosed as a child, but that in her estimation my symptoms are not mild.

I already talked to my psychiatrist about wanting to take Adderall, rather than a non-stimulant, if the psychologist concluded that I exhibit ADD. The psychiatrist agreed that it would be OK and I have an appointment with her tomorrow. So I guess I have to decide whether to ask for IR or XR, and how much.

Oh yeah, also, I've been seeing this CBT therapist and he recently asked me a bunch of questions from a "SKID" test or something. He's still a student, so his diagnoses are pending his supervisor's approval, but he said I exhibit major depression, social phobia (or social anxiety, I can't remember), and body dismorphic disorder. That last one "explains" why I have such horrible self-loathing over my acne. Since I've taken accutane some months ago, my acne has improved greatly, but I still see it as a reason to hate and isolate myself.

I've hardly given AD's a shot and I've mostly been self-medicating with lots of coffee. I'm always amazed how quickly and dramatically it makes me feel better. Which is why I've been pushing (albeit subtly) for a stimulant, specifically Adderall. But I'm worried Adderall may exacerbate my acne, which could be devastating to me. Perhaps that's less likely with XR than IR?

Also, my depression truly is chronic. I tried Zoloft and didn't feel anything, though I only took it 5 weeks. Then I tried Wellbutrin and didn't like it because it made me feel sickish to drink coffee, and also because I'd read it could exacerbate acne, which made me scared of it; I only took it 3 weeks. Then I tried provigil, and felt especially stoopid and stopped after only a week.

I got the idea that since coffee helps me so much, a more powerful stimulant would be perfect. So for a while I've been telling the psychiatrist I think I wouldn't be so depressed if I got some relief from what one could call my ADD symptoms: flakiness, difficulty completing tasks, tendency to zone out when faced with challenges. But I don't know, maybe I need an AD, too. Or instead. Basically I'm scared of acne. I'm easily scared, generally.

Any idea how to avoid acne while on Adderall? And, as I'm hoping Adderall will help my depression, should I take it everyday? Many say weekend breaks are important. Any day I take a break from coffee I get nothing done. Finally, how about how lifestyle affects acne? Right now I don't eat well and I have a lot of stress due to constantly criticizing myself. Perhaps on Adderall, I'd get more, better work done, be more organized, do more cooking and thus eat better, and socialize more. This would improve my mental and physical health, which would, in turn, improve my skin, thus negating the acne-inducing effects of Adderall. Is this plausible?

Thanks very much. Any advice on any of the various topics above is greatly appreciated.




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