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Re: Marijuana

Posted by mark anthony foott on February 2, 2006, at 15:43:03

In reply to Re: Marijuana, posted by fenix on February 2, 2006, at 14:27:49

Hy fenix. So you don't smoke the weed, and still manage to present a totally unbiased viewpoint. I am impressed, and what's more, it gives me hope that there are lots of fair minded people like yourself on this planet. The more the merrier I say.
What are you Fenix? I mean, what sex are you. It doesn't really matter, but I would just like to try to put a face to the words? The movie actor who died, was called Pheonix Rivers, and he was a guy, so I'm guessing because ot the different spelling, you are female. That'll be fine, as the kindest person that I know on this planet is female. She's my mum.
I do my poetry straight out of my head, and it all comes so very very quickly. I feel that my poetry always contains something of at least a little relevance, and hopefully there will be something to give to who ever wants to take it.Anyway, I've absolutely no idea what I am to write, but it will be cool. Here goes.

Don't Judge.
Mark Anthony Foott.

I'm sitting here in the internet caff,
A poem, I have to write.
My names Mark Foott, and I have to put,
my views to the left, and right.

I have to be at least balanced,
Know what I'm talking about.
I'm hoping to see, this poem from me,
can leave you in no doubt.

No doubt that somehow, I can win,
and get there in the end.
That all will feel, that I am real,
and want to be my friend.

I know I can't get everyone,
but I'll get the ones I can.
Like you out there, who really care,
for a literal, homeless man.

I have my gift, for a reason,
just like the rest of you.
I'm hopimg some day, I'll find the way,
to do, what I must do.

I must try to do my best,
nothing must be, half measure.
Whether giving a hand, to help man stand,
or giving a woman pleasure.

I'll never be half hearted,
in anything that I do.
I'll use heart and mind, in order to find,
the way that's right, and true.

I want to help the third world,
that's a fact that's true,
but understand, I'd like a hand,
from maybe, some of you.

I'd like to get a book published,
then we can make a start,
to make a change, and rearrange,
bring about, true heart.

I'm using what's at my disposal,
anything at hand.
I'm just aware, that it's all there,
not choreographed, or planned.

Like the poetry that I'm given,
I cannot make it up.
It just comes out, of a spiritual spout,
and brimmeth over, my cup.

This chat of our's, is no accident,
and I hope one day, we'll meet.
when power of poem, has got my home,
and I'm not living on the street.

I'm going to end this poem now,
as I need go on, no more.
I've shown a bit, of real cool sh*t,
and I know what it's for.

it's simply part of my C.V.,
another poem well done.
It's just to show, so you can know,
that I'm a number one.

I'm not saying that I am the greatest,
but I'm not second to anyone.
Here's the point, I'll settle for joint,
equal with every one.

Well that's about that then. I'll call it a day for now, as I want to get off this computer for a bit, and chill out.
Fenix. I've just had a bit of a rude awakening? I have just realised that your name may not even be your real name, as we are all given the option of having a blagg post name. My name though, is totally real. My name is Mark Anthony, but I don't at the moment have a Cleopatra. Maybe in the future, we'll see.
Fenix, you also asked how I manage to get onto the internet if I'm not in a library?
God put's lot's of people in my life, and lot's of people have specific purposes. Some are there to help me, some are there to be helped by me, and some are there to simply be who they are.
I am in an internet cafe in Bath, but I don't have to pay a penny. this is because God knows that I have no respect for money, as such. Don't get me wrong, I know what a powerful tool it can be, and I do like it, but I will always be content to let it slip through my fingers. Anyway I don't have to pay, as all the staff who work here, don't charge me. I don't even have to ask.
Anyway, I'll close now, God bless you all.




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