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Re: Marijuana

Posted by mark anthony foott on February 2, 2006, at 8:00:46

In reply to Re: Marijuana, posted by fenix on February 1, 2006, at 13:20:21

Hello to you all again. Well folks, youv;e really got me going now. I think youv'e just released the computer monster.
I'm glad that you all had something constructive to say on the subject of marijuana, and i read all of the post's that you all posted with interest.
Fenix. What the hell was you chatting before? Do you have to use big words to impress people, or indeed, where you simply assessing whether or not I was stupid?
You asked whether you were being circumlocutory or not, and the truth was, You was. The text that you put into your POST was sort of big headedly flippant. If I was to be circumlocutory, then indeed I would then become incommensurable, and then i would undoubtedly become very asymmetric and use periphrases. Here is an important quote from one of the worlds greatest pioneers, Louis Pasteur.
The universe is asymmetric and I am persuaded that life, as it is known to us, is a direct result of the asymmetry of the universe or of it's indirect consequences. The universe is Asymmetric. I hope that that clears that up Fenix.
Would any of you like to make a solid difference to peoples lives on this planet? If so, then I suggest we all get together in some way and thrash out a plan,
We all have decent pliable minds, or else we would not be holding this sort of conversation, but what are we actually doing with this intelligence that we possess? I'm sure that we rreally should be pooling out thoughts, and coming up with answers that are beneficial to the masses.
Did you know that last night alone, more than 50'000 people passed away through the effects of starvation. Roughly around the same amount of men, women, and children die each and every day. I can't help but believe that it is more than about time that this world took stock of this evil situation and altered things. Starvation is a manmade thing, and man can easily remedy this attrocious neglect.
I have written a poem the other day, and I feel that I should type it out for you. I have lot's of poetry, but I feel that this one is special to this case. Here it is anyway.

Lend A Hand.
Mark Anthony Foott.

This poem's an open letter,
to the readers in this town.
It's simply a plea. for you, from me,
to help a man who's down.

Lend a hand to each other,
do what God has planned,
lend another, a forlorn brother,
the help, to let him stand.

I'm talking of the starving,
the ones diing in the dust.
Should we help, them help themself,
well, I just feel we must.

I'd like to set up pipelines,
a supply of water, I'd give.
It's what they need, to grow their seed,
to grow the grain, to live.

I haven't all the answers,
but I feel that I have some,
and I just pray, that soon the day,
when I can help, will come.

We all should do this together,
and i just feel we will,
but me on my own, can only moan,
and can only moan, until.

Until my works are published,
typeset, bound, in print.
Until I'm rich, I'm in a ditch,
my hands are tied, whilst skint.

I have a load of poetry,
and I'd like it in a book.
I feel a need, for people to read,
to stop, and simply look.

To look at what I'm doing,
to realise my gift,
and over time, by power of rhyme,
give the starving a lift.

This poem to you, is now finished,
my appeal to you, is done.
Now it;s up to you, what you shall do,
for the children of the sun.

Well I don't know what you will make of that bit of writing, but I just hope that it can go a little way in getting me into the position that i need to be in, in order to do whatever I can for the forgotten ones.
I have got other works than I will be putting onto this station, and i hope that ultimately something good can come from all of this.
At this moment in time, I am living the existence of a homeless man. I sleep in a park in Bath, and I rely a lot of the time on charitable organisations to get me fed. This is mainly because I have always been the eternal optimist, and have always felt that every horse that I've ever picked would be a winner. Right up until almost each one has been well and truly beaten. I have finally learnt my lesson now though, and see things in a whole new wider perspective. It's not about be and whether I win. It's about me winning for other people. It's all about me winning the battle to get all of those poor bastards fed and watered. Someone should care, and seeings as we are all part of this conversation, maybe it's us who should be doing this damn thing.
well that's it for now, but I hope that God works his/hers/theirs/or it's magic, in turning this problem around and allows us to do something constructive with our time.
Peace out, and God bless,
Mark Anthony Foott.
P.S. I don't know whether I'm allowed to put my e-mail address onto to site, but i'm going to try it anyway. If it is published on here, then please get in touch, and maybe we can put our heads together and come up with a heaven sent plan? Here it is.




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