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Posted by mark anthony foott on February 1, 2006, at 9:28:07

Hello to anyone who may be reading this notice.
I am writing this post in an effort to get a load of people on board this bandwagon?
Hands up all of those sane people in this world who believe that Marijuana should be made a legal substance. Good! Thank you very much. Now, all of you who think that it should remain illegal, would you mind raising your hand? Oh my God, so many of you are totally oblivious to the good effects "Pot" can have on people in pain, or suffering the effects of stress. Why do people with M.S. or some other disabilitating disease see a big difference in their symptoms when they smoke a joint? Becausse it WORKS, that's why.
I believe that All forms of cannibis should be totally decriminalised, and people should wake up to the exceptional properties contained in weed. I believe that people should be allowed to grow the grass for themselves without fear of prosecution, and threat of fines or imprisonment.
I have written a poem about pot, and i'd like it to be bandied about a bit, so if you don't mind, would you be so kind as to send this post to as many people that you know. Here goes!

Mark Anthony Foott.

I give up, I really do,
I've done this sh*t too long.
I could do with a toke, of herbal smoke,
a pull on a big fat bong.

My head's too straight for this place,
I'm wanting to be chilled.
I'd like a whiff, of a big fat spliff,
a pipe with Ganga, filled.

Get some smoke within my lungs,
to rise within my head,
What I need, is a bit of weed,
to get my spirit fed.

I don't care what the lobbyists think,
the anti smoking crew.
Those straight head mugs, abhor all drugs,
and say what we should do.

What's happened to the free state,
the persons right to choose.
It's up to me, how I should be,
what buzzes I should use.

Of course some drugs are evil,
we're all aware of that.
A needle in the arm, can cause great harm,
but weed's my call, my bat.

No-one's died of an overdose,
o'd'ed on mary jane.
So it seems to me, that it should be free,
to conquer people's pain.

It works on cruel arthritis,
M.S. and other ails.
researchers did find, it relaxes the mind,
whilst other methods fail.

When peoples nerves are shattered,
and they don't know where to turn.
The thing to do, and this is true,
is get some pot, and burn.

Burn it in a fatty,
to chase away one's woes.
To prove my point, spark up a joint,
and tell me how it goes.

I hope that that poem made sense to you, but it is only one of hundreds of works that I have. God has given me the coolest poetry on this planet, and I want to use it for the betterment of all of the worlds "sufferers"
I am hoping that my poems are good enough to lift me in the writing circles of this planet. I'm not judging anyone elses work, but I can't help but believe that my verse is as good as the next man's at least.
It would be cool if I could raise the money through writing to make a difference also to the third world. Between 55, and 65 thousand people died last night, and every single one of those poor buggers could have been saved. If only some kind of magic could be made available to us, then we could all then practise good deeds.
I am going to write another poem for you, and this time, i'm hoping to convince you that I can at least hold my own in the literary world.


I like to feed the pigeons,
give them bits of bread.
Hear them coo, a polite thank you,
delight in getting fed.

The seem to get a bad press though,
unlike most dogs and cats.
just the other day, I heard someone say,
They're nasty flying rats.

The people who say this, are crazy,
they should check out their eyes.
Pigeons are things, that have two wings,
and I've not seen a rat that flies.

Pigeons are so trusting,
most will feed from the hand,
but a rat will scurry, away in a hurry,
so i can't understand.

understand how the two are confused,
it really isn't "fur"
The two of these, are like chalk and cheese,
and one can't exist in the air.




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