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Re: Dexedrine vs Desoxyn kazoo

Posted by Paulbwell on January 19, 2006, at 23:08:07

In reply to Re: Dexedrine vs Desoxyn, posted by kazoo on April 26, 2000, at 3:22:11

"All amphetamines have the potential for abuse, not just the "methyl version." Also, it is no
more addicting than Dexedrine, Biphetamine or Obetrol, which has been renamed, and remarketed,
as Adderall.
If availability is factored into this "potential for abuse" formula, then Dexedrine, as well
as Ritalin, would set the standard for this unfortunate phenomenon.
Desoxyn is nothing more than an ephedrine/amphetamine mix (desoxyephedrine).
Desoxyn is time-released via its "gradumet" form.
Just what are "subsituted amphetamines"?
The reason why doctors choose not to use Desoxyn is because they don't want the DEA
on their backs. The drug has been stigmatized since the 1960s.
IMHO, the DEA, as well as the FDA, should both take a hike until their hats float."


I have either SEVER ADD/HD or bipolar, not sure. Despite Ovation Pharms spending $40 million to Abbort pharms to acquire Desoxyn (and produce an inferior copy, only 5mg IR tabs now, as well as droping the excellent SR 'Gradumets' Docs now more than ever are hesitant to script Desoxyn FOR NEW PATIENTS-thanks meth hysteria.

Reading through books on ADD/HD type disorders, where some folks simply cannot keep their thoughts linear for longer than 5 seconds, SOME people do best on Desoxyn, if they have been lucky enought to trial it. They report that the constant noise and hum that preoccupied their minds, slows down and they can think of things one thing at a time, not to be undervalued if someone has not been able to keep a job, relationship, basically a life.

Some SEVER narcoleptics are only able to live a somewhat normal life by Desoxyn as well, even thoes who have failed high dose Dex and Rit, so theres saviour-even if it is the Ovation Pharms inferior pill (dissolves in 5 mins as opposed to 15 mins for Abborts 5mg IR) and they dropped the effective SR 'Gradumet' tabs, which MANY narcoleptics relied on-I have an aquantaince who took 4-5 15mg 'Gradumets' in the morning and nothing else, all day, and he did well, less so now on 4,5mg IR Ovations Q.I.D.

It's a shame that the "Methamphetamine" name, that has become the catch phrase of the 1990's has to extend to the medication that many found gave them a normal life.





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