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Re: Experiences on Remeron please » tepiaca

Posted by yxibow on January 4, 2006, at 15:19:01

In reply to Experiences on Remeron please, posted by tepiaca on January 3, 2006, at 23:06:14

> Any good thougths about remeron are well received
> If you could tell me what did you take it for , which were the principle side effects and how well works for you IŽll really apreciate
> that.

Well its generic now, so your drug costs are about half.

I took it for (and still have) a complex somatiform disorder which involves heightened visual senses. The 5HT2 blockade of Remeron to me anyway is similar to the profile of an atypical antipsychotic without the dopamine blockade.

It worked quite remarkably well for that although that wasn't the initial indication -- it was just fumbling around for another sleep medication and then noticing a curious effect that started to happen for me.

Unfortunately the thing that also worked remarkably well was weight gain, at any dose, and definately heavy somnolence. Some claim the higher the dose you go on Remeron the less the weight gain (and somnolence) because more of other actions of the drug kick in. This was not my experience nor was it particularly the experience unfortunately of my other doctors' patients.

I am still working (maybe a bit overworking) at the gym on the treadmill (who invented these infernal machines ? -- lol, no there are others I use too but that one packs the most punch :) to take off the (at least) 50lbs that I put on with Remeron. And that was a while back that I discontinued the medication -- but the Seroquel kept the weight continuing in place. But I've made good strides so to speak and have lost as much as 35lbs.

If you can keep your diet in check, and watch the munchies like crazy, padlock the refrigerator [humor], or whatever, then it is an excellent antidepressant with few other side effects other than the one I mentioned (well okay, 1 in a 1000 people can develop agranulocytosis if you read every single PDR note so if your doctor is especially careful he will probably order a WBC -- white blood count after you've taken it a few weeks or if you feel some unusual flu out of nowhere.) It is faster acting I think than the SSRIs.

If you're just taking it for sleep, I would consider other alternatives, though it does have some benefits in stage REM sleep that other drugs don't. In fact you may experience some odd sleep paralysis like sensations when you first start it. I did at least. I would be seeing the room but still being a sleep and then I'd hear a buzzing like a bee and brrrzzz-ap I would awaken. If you don't let those things bother you, you gradually exit the paralysis by calmly convincing yourself you're already awake. It is a little unusual of a sensation but definately common, regardless of taking medication or not. They gradually disappear

So, to recap back to sleep -- there are other choices which wouldn't put pounds on, such as the medicines intended solely for sleep like Ambien/Ambien CR and Lunesta, all which can be taken for extended periods.

Hope that helps




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