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Re: NARDIL FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ed_uk

Posted by CK1 on September 30, 2005, at 15:21:40

In reply to Re: NARDIL FOR SOCIAL ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CK1, posted by ed_uk on September 30, 2005, at 14:51:56

Hi Ed,
Good point. No, my anxiety isn't as severe as some people's on this board (I'm guessing?) but it does affect the quality of my life. Yes, I can do things like go to parties, meetings, and what not, BUT my anxiety keeps me from doing and saying what I want. It is ALWAYS on my mind and I'm always looking for ways to overcome it. For 3 years on Paxil, I was "free" from anxiety and I now know what it feels like to not be afraid and I'm not willing to accept the fact that worry, even so-called minor worry, can get in the way. I know I can be less anxious because I have been less anxious for 3 YEARS :) It's more of a constant nuisance than something that is so severe that I'm afraid to leave my house and I can't hold a job. I think all forms of anxiety should be controlled, regardless of severity. It's the same with mild-depression vs. severe depression and the question of whether or not to treat the mild depression. Well, it just so happens that mild depression that goes on for years can affect your quality of life MORE than major depression that goes on for 2 months. In my opinion, if someone thinks they can be better in regards to anxiety and/or depression (I know I can!), then they need to treat it whether it's mild or severe.
I had a girlfriend freshman year for 6 months and, when I see her now, I get nervous holding a long conversation with her. Yes, I can still talk to her, but that doesn't matter if I'm uncomfortable the entire time. It's really not normal and I consider it pretty "severe" -- something that needs to be treated. Maybe if I had never experienced the effects of Paxil, I would consider my anxiety now to be simply part of life, but I know it's not the case. Besides, I graduate in May and am going into a career that is "people-focused" and even my so-called "minor anxiety" would interfere with my chances for success.
On this board, there are people with extremely serious problems and those with mild problems and both of these groups should be treated if they know they can be better and/or have been better in my case.
In my case, it's the length of time that my condition has stayed the same that is the biggest issue. It's been 8 months since Paxil stopped working and I've tried 4 SSRI's and they haven't done a thing. When drugs that are supposed to work, don't, it's scary because I don't want to live my entire life being anxious. I've read wonder stories about Nardil and I fully understand the risks aka. hypertensive crisis (if you don't follow the diet), weight gain (I actually need to gain weight).
I joined a fraternity freshman year and gave 5 speeches to over 100 people during pledgeship, had a girlfriend, went out with friends thurs, fri, and saturday, and had an AWESOME time. Off SSRI's, I couldn't have done this....................

I hope you understand where I'm coming from! It's hard to explain..........................




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