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Re: to play the devil`s advocate Paul Smith

Posted by Mr.Scott on April 25, 2005, at 22:04:00

In reply to to play the devil`s advocate, posted by Paul Smith on April 25, 2005, at 16:01:17

God I'm glad you said it first!

First Things First.

1). If Dr. Bob feels the need to move this thread I cannot use words to describe the feelings I will have towards him. They will not be positive though.

2). This is possibly the 'most' important thread on this board, regardless of how people feel either way, it cuts to the point of where many of us are today. And it needs to be addressed both by the patients and the doctors.

44% of Americans take at least 1 prescription drug. Thats a lot of drugs being bought each year. We go to docs with a problem. They give us pills. The pills are inherently flawed, we sometimes end up worse. In my case not knowing who I really am any more and not being able to find out because I'll have withdrawal symptoms that make me keep taking a pill that I'm not sure works and in fact may be making me worse.

I blame society and myself for searching for that quick fix, but I also blame the docs and pharma and insurance companies for not really having our best interest at heart when it comes to the big picture. At $170.00/hour they should know what is best for us and what their own limitations are.

You know something...I cried on the floor of my parents living room for 3 f---in days when I was 17, Im now 30. I was so anxious and depressed (first time) that I began to think I was a repressed homosexual (nothing against gays, but I'm not). You know what I needed...People to nurse my broken *ss scared and unhappy soul back to health. I needed people to tell me it was okay to be me and that they loved me. I needed round the clock psychotherapy and love and compassion. I needed a n optimistic gentle and soothing person to talk me off the bell tower and help me understand that this would pass. But instead I got xanax, sinequan, and as the years went by a whole host of other sh*t either prescibed or taken myself because I believed i was broken and needed fixing.

Now I may be broken and in need of fixing, but what they got these days in pill form ain't so hot. And now I feel lost. Still unhappy because I was distracted by pill popping from ever really dealing with my issues and finding solutions. And on top of it I'm dependent on these pills that either don't work, cause depression, or whatever.

And I haven't a clue about where I can even really turn. Do any of you? I have a job, a fiance, an upcoming test for grad school, bills to pay, and I feel like I'm drowning. The temporary repreive from pills was just enough to get me in deep enough in life so that if I wanted to take the time to stop this merry-go-round I would have to dissapoint a lot of people and walk through some serious fears.

I wish I had never sought out psychiatry. I certainly wish I had never used controlled substances. In most cases it's like treating a chronic problem with a temporary solution.

Maybe I'm just really in a bad way right now, but regardless I'm still really in a bad way right now with 4 different prescriptions, two of which I'm most certainly addicted to.





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