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Re: Suggestions for combating amphetamine tolerance?

Posted by Caslon540 on February 17, 2005, at 4:33:26

In reply to Re: Suggestions for combating amphetamine tolerance?, posted by dondon on February 16, 2005, at 21:26:56

I take 400 mg of magnesium taurate (200 in the morning, 200 in the afternoon) to help keep my adderall tolerance down. As for DXM, which I used before the magnesium, I like Delsym because it's like a 12-hour formula or something. I wish there was a way to get extended release magnesium tablets...

> taking a whole bottle of couph serup(dextromethorphan) will kill you.

The above statement is false. Now, this does not mean that it would be correct to say, "taking a whole bottle of cough syrup will NOT kill you," either, because it's simply not that black or white. Let me make this clear, just for anyone who reads this that is considering the recreational DXM-via-cough-syrup dissociative/psychedelic experience: you ARE LIKELY TO DIE a slow, painful death if you use syrup recreationally that has acetaminophen in it. Use a syrup in which dextromethorphan is the ONLY active ingredient. DO YOUR RESEARCH before you do any drug. For DXM, start with this:

> But lower doses fry your brain like an egg and get you high. "high off couph serup" nmda antagonists

This statement is also false. If it were true, every person that uses cough syrup as per directions on the bottle would get high and have what I'm assuming you're referring to as very severe brain damage.

From the DXM FAQ (

"This brings me to the most relevant new information about DXM: Olney's findings of NMDA Antagonist Neurotoxicity (NAN). There is great debate right now whether NAN is relevant at recreational doses or not. In animals, the dosage required to induce NAN is far in excess of the anaesthetic dose, and humans typically take sub-anaesthetic doses of dissociatives. On the other hand, there may be danger with long-term use at considerably lower dosages that the animal models do not show.

"The data from human experiences are hard to interpret. Many heavy PCP users suffer obvious cognitive and motor impairment; however, PCP has neurotoxic effects (in particular in the cerebellum) not shared by other dissociatives including DXM or ketamine. Ketamine is probably a better approximation of DXM, but very few people have done large amounts of ketamine for long periods of time. A notable exception is John Lilly, who is a bit of a nut, but was probably a bit of a nut before doing ketamine, and (at least the last time I checked) he doesn't seem to suffer from cognitive impairment.

"There are a few DXM users who have suffered long-term consequences. Out of approximately five hundred current and former DXM users I have heard from, three have suffered lasting cognitive impairment. Additionally, there is one published paper on cognitive impairment from chronic DXM use, although the author suggests an underlying temporal lobe seizure disorder."




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