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Posted by alienatari on January 29, 2005, at 6:10:39

Hey all. Firstly, thanks to everyone who responded to my posts about my sleeping problems I really appreciate it.

I have another problem.

My Diagnosis is Bipolar I and OCD, but I also have paranoia. Ive been told that I *may* be Schizoaffective but Im most likely Bipolar so I just stick with that label.

Anyway. The only drug that has ever touched my paranoia is Seroquel. At 800mgs of Seroquel, although I wasnt paranoid as much(its never gone away fully), I began to, what I believe to be anyway, experience an allergic reaction or some type of reaction. My throat would close up and i found it hard to swallow and to breathe. It was a gradual thing but one night, which was quite scary, it was worse than before. I did consult my doctor several times about this before it happened and he said he thought it was relaxing my throat muscles? something like that. Anyway, I stopped taking it that night.

Now since then ive been on Zyprexa, which didnt work before, and still doesnt work.

I stopped it (without doctors advice) a few days ago because I am tired of the side effects (weight gain being the main one. Im almost 90kg, before Zyprexa and Avanza(Remeron) I was 61kg, but I was very skinny and under-weight back then). The funny thing is, I think my paranoia is actually LESS since i stopped it!

So now I am taking Parnate, Epilim(Depakote), and Largactil(Thorazine) (which my GP perscribed for sleep).

Its only been one night on the Largactil and I am sleeping better and, something that I didnt expect, my OCD is a LOT better. The violent images and so on and the constant rituals that I have to do have been a lot less last night and today.

Now my question is. Could I at a low, say 10-50mgs of Largactil control paranoia? I know my Psychiatrist is going to be upset that I went on Largactil behind his back but I think i want to stay on it, as I am not experiencing many side effects, albeit I am only on a low dose, and I think he was pretty slack for not really caring or offering advice for me when I didnt sleep for 5 days other than saying "just stay awake for a day and see if your body gets tired from it"). I thought it was a BAD thing for bipolars not to sleep? Doesnt it make the likelyhood of mania more-so?

Also, I am terrified of tardive dyskinesia. I know they say the risk is higher on the typical neuroleptics, but what about at low doses? I think my terror is realistic too considering I developed early signs of TD while on Solian and had to stop it because of it (it also gave me terrible akathesia, so has Respridal and Abilify).

Anyway, thanks for reading and any input and advice I would greatly appreciate.

Take care

Chris :)




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