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Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news

Posted by Willyee on January 11, 2005, at 23:02:38

In reply to Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news, posted by JGE on January 8, 2005, at 17:10:40

> Hi people, this all makes interesting reading.
> These side effects are amazing. I was on such a low dose (75mg) that my doctor told me to stop and not wean off. Day 3 and the "volts" started with the dizziness. Day 4 worse and now wanting to cry at the slightest sad instance (movie etc.). I am out of Effexor but if I had some I would take it because this is unbearable.
> By the way, I DID wean myself. I had half my prescribed dose for 1 week and then stopped. This is very difficult to write!
> It's Saturday today, I'm calling my doctor on Monday.
> Maybe I'll have someone get some claritin for me.
> Good luck everyone. If there is light at the end of this I don't see it.

Effexor was the first DRUG i was put on in my life,given to me at complaints of minor depression.It was new to me,and almost everyone then.

I was very young,and i never knew about withdrawal,but i went through it,i remeber going mad,pacing rooms,sitting in the middle of my room ripping pages from a magazin non stop,i rember a blank mind,as in a blank page,i rember a numbed personality,a firm depression.I was so scared i wwas young,i did not know what i was dealing with,i rember leaving a pleaded message on the voice mail of my doc,to have him never return my call.

Upon my next visit,scheldued 2 weeks later i was a mess of a young man,so much so my father demenaded to go with me since he dident know who his son had become.

My doc in his very neat,comfortable office,sat there very relaxed,with the most unconcerned look upon his face,as i sat there in a ball of fire.

He continously downplayed my pleas,and to my nieve father made a smurky remark,at that point i snapped at him.

For this he refused to see me anymore,and thus started my life of misery.

I believe that med did the initial damage to my brain,i rember going to sleep at 8pm christmas eve with a house full of family and friends.I often get the urge to go to his office still to this day and face him with what i know now,ask him why he decedied to put me on such a drug,why he so easly put me on it,then offered zero help,askhim if he knows i came near to sucidal in part to him,i would never however cause i know he prob still posesses the same attitute lots of them do,hey the med will either work,or wont,nothing more,any worsening if the paitnets fault,and the med simply not working.

BS,those meds most certainly play a role in a depressed patients state of mind.I only wish i had klonopin then because when i think back on the pain,i am amzed and at a loose to where an 18 kid found the strentgh to deal with loosing his mind,and not knowing why,or what to do.




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