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Re: How many of you had hypertensive crisis? KaraS

Posted by Spotcheck on January 4, 2005, at 17:51:14

In reply to Re: How many of you had hypertensive crisis? KaraS Spotcheck, posted by KaraS on January 4, 2005, at 17:19:20

>I just noticed that I haven't answered this post. I do appreciate your advice after so many years of successful use of Nardil. I don't know if I can take a beta blocker. I may have asthma in which case they would be contraindicated. You're lucky you have that option and the pills already available.

I have no beta blocker to take. What I have done is to test things carefully and systematically, and I have been lucky. Other than that, I do make one heck of a good Liquid Nardil, but it so expensive now that only people who respond well to "old" Nardil only should really consider using it -- unless they can get a substantial amount of it paid for by their health insurance programs, assuming you have one.

>I hope I can get something to carry with me to allay my fears somewhat.

The hypertensive crisis problem is overblown in my estimation. Of course it does and can happen, but only if one eats foods that have a lot of Tyramine in them. Aged foods are a very likely source of trouble right here.

>Should the need arise, I would like to be able to take the bp lowering med and then that would be the end of it - but I guess you're supposed to go to the emergency room anyway, right?

It would be a good idea, unless you can control it yourself and there is no damage done. Then, there's no reason to do. But you must get your blood pressure down quickly or you could indeed die.

>I'll have to find out where there even is one around here. So many of them have been shut down. I am particularly worried because I'm in my late 40's and I think a crisis is much more dangerous as you get older.

Do find out where one is, but your local hospital is most likely source. I'm in my middle fifties, so I could not afford to have one either. I am not certain that age is all that relevant though. It sounds good, but that's as far as I should let it go. If you are in good shape, you'll be just fine.

> Do you think that the Nardil that is sold in the UK (even though it isn't exactly the old Nardil) is better than what's sold in the US now?

No, I don't. All are generics now, and there is little difference between them. If you want a bottle of Link UK's Nardil, just let me know. I have one I have been dying to get rid of for some time. All that is different is a requirement to keep it in the refrigerator - something Pfizer does not recommend. It could not hurt to do. Still, I do not know anyone who does this though with Pfizer's product. Heck, I won't refrigerate my Liquid Nardil. I use Benzoic Acid as a preservative of this elixir, and it works extremely well. What's the point of refrigeration, if you have it licked another way?

>Have you ever tried that version of Nardil?

Yes, I sure have. There is no significant difference between them. The only product that is appreciably different that I am talking about is an elixir I made to replace "old" Nardil for those who responded well to "old" Nardil, but do not respond well to "new" Nardil, and cannot find any other combination of medications that works as well.




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