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Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news

Posted by seegar on October 29, 2004, at 23:51:15

In reply to Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news, posted by 4WD on September 12, 2004, at 20:59:14

I thought that I was going crazy. I have taken Effexor xr for two years to help control the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since coming off the Effexor (slowly, over the course of 4 weeks, as recommended) I have been getting withdrawl symptoms like I would have never believed.

"Brain Zaps", those awful dizzy, nauseous, shock-to-the-brain-for-a-second sensations whenever moving my head.
Sleeping issues
dizziness, which I chalked up to exhaustion. I have fallen twice in the last month, injuring myself.
Nausea. after I eat, for some strange reason
increase in acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
myalgia, meaning more pain, but I think that that's the fm symptom no longer being controlled
uncontrollable fits of anger, rage
crying crying crying for no reason
depression, ah depression
increased sexual dysfunction, can you believe that the dysfunction got worse?

even after a month since the last stepped down dosage.

Turns out I can blame so much of this on the Effexor withdrawl. Apparently, a great deal of people who stopped taking this drug have experienced these symptoms for this long, some even longer. Generally most made the comment that they were so thankful that their spouses were so understanding, and had not divorced them yet. That's how bad things had gotten.

This drug has affected so many people that the makers have had to change the warning labels. and, as we all know the warnings are maybe 50% as truthful and conservative as they should be. ( article 2

After much perusal on the web, viewing many chat forums regarding this issue, I have realized that what I have been experiencing is not uncommon. I am not going crazy. I am not getting menopausal emotional symptoms at the age of 34. I just had an online chat conversation with my best friend, my husband, and ended up in tears when he told me that he was working an extra half shift this week, as we need the extra money right now. I flipped out, truth be told. I am still not sure if this was because my fella is so sweet and is working so hard to earn extra dollars, or if I was upset that he would not be at home to help me work on our deadline burdened home renovations. This behavior on my part is distressing, depressing, and has been going on for over a month. The good news is that from all research, I understand that this living hell will end. Sometime. In the future. Interestingly enough, one of the websites offering information about combating withdrawl symptoms of Effexor offered up to 80% savings off retail price for Effexor. Does that mean that staying on the drug is the best method of battling withdrawl? Nice going. If I weren’t so afraid of anti depressants now, I would have actually asked my doctor for a prescription for a drug to counteract the withdrawl symptoms of a drug. Wow. How stupid.

I realize that I will get through this, but am discouraged nonetheless as I now am back to the drawing board with regards to the original issue: reducing fibromyalgia symptoms so that I can live a normal life again.

Well, at least life is not boring!




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