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Re: klono provigil-any magnification when combini pseudonym

Posted by Rick on October 1, 2004, at 13:36:35

In reply to Re: klono provigil-any magnification when combini, posted by pseudonym on October 1, 2004, at 11:14:23

> Rick, I have always had a strong interest in your posts, for selfish reasons, your symptoms mirror mine. How has the regimen been treating you? Do you known that is has defeated the social anxiety disorder in its entirety?

pseudonym -

The Klonopin+Provigil combo still works great for me. The Klonopin removes the fear of people I suffered for so many years and the Provigil provides additional assertiveness as well as enthusiasm and and sociability. At the risk of oversimplification, I'd say that I average about 85-90% relief of my SP symptoms, with the most distressing symptoms showing the greatest improvement. That's not "entirety", but I'll take it! (I'm open to seeking out add-on meds for that extra 10-15%, but I doubt anything could replace what the Klonopin, in particular, accomplishes.)

I occasionally have some breakthrough anxiety, especially in specific kinds of situations, but it happens infrequently and when it does it is now mild and fast-resolving, instead of debilitating.

Where I still am somewhat lacking is in terms of motivation to *seek out* social situations. And there is still some avoidance there. But there's definitely more to this than residual Social Phobia, especially the motivation angle. I'll be the first to admit that, while I feel I have accomplished plenty in life -- and I'm proud of it -- I often have a tendency towards procrastination, complacency and even laziness. I can get really psyched and perform well when I am thrust into something, but I am generally not a self-starter, and I don't think any drug is going to change that. (Note that I didn't say it isn't changeable to some degree, only that a legal *drug* isn't likely to change it.) Also, having had a strong relationship for many years, I don't *need* to be a party animal. But I *should* try to be involved more socially and make more friends. If this sounds like it's contradicting my statement about improved sociability, it's not. For instance, pre-2000 I would have been far less likely to walk around and strike up conversations with people at work -- and if I did, I would be hugely less comfortable and assertive than I am now, would have often been halting and nervous, and would have tried to end the conversations quickly. Also, now when I am at a personal or professional social event, I can interact freely and can actually *enjoy* the social interaction -- which is a huge change from before. While Klonopin alone removed my fear of speaking up in a crowd, with the combo I will speak up spontaneously rather than only when it's expected or necessary. In fact, sometimes I become very talkative, which is quite a difference from the pre-combo days. (And no, I don't mean "manic" by any stretch.) But, like many non-phobic individuals -- especially as they get older -- I still look forward to time alone at home or with loved ones.

Sorry for telling you more than you ever wanted to know. But again the short answer is that after nearly five years my regimen is still a godsend in terms of erasing my debilitating and pervasive Social Fear, and is working as well as ever (and far, far better than the many med trials that preceeded it). I have only two possible side effects: sporadic adverse short term memory effects with the Klonopin, and dry mouth/throat from the Provigil. (I'm only talking about negative side effects. I was pleased to find several unexpected, beneficial side effects from each med as well.)





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