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Re: Amphetamine Psychosis: utopizen part 3

Posted by thug life on September 30, 2004, at 21:40:12

In reply to Re: Amphetamine Psychosis: utopizen, posted by utopizen on September 30, 2004, at 11:23:44

> Excessive use of language in writing is often an indication that one is also likewise using an excessive use of language in their speech around others. This is why amphetamines post such a great risk of "social disability." They can have, especially in patients with anxiety, an effect that causes them great embarassment if they were to go off the drug and realize what an embarassment they may have made for themselves because they talked so much to others. Their friends won't like them, etc.>

Excessive use of language is a sign for a lot of disorders such as bi polar etc.It is also a sign that maybe a person has a lot to say and feels he can come to this board to learn and get support.If you have a lot to say why not make it long? Why keep it short? Maybe he cant type very well? I know I cant and get accused of misunderstandings,but truth is...I am a finger pecker.What if he had a lot to say in a short period of time? I know Myself and others in that position that write long,excessive,wrong spellings,left out words etc.Check your own posts,you left out words,had mis-spelled words and you kept it short.Now what if your under time constraints?
Dr.Michael Liebowitz and other doctors are realizing that a dopamine defeciency might be resposible for social anxiety.Once you take dex or add,you do become more social...Whats wrong with that? Why do you think talking to people would leave you with embarassment? Friends wouldn't like you anymore? That just doesnt occur on Ritalin or Add or Dex.If so I would like to see scientific proof.If you are delusional or whatever in your sayings its because of an underlying problem.This isnt alcohol,Ghb,Extacsy,Crack,Cocaine,Crystal Meth etc...where you have no idea of your actions.Dexedrine and adderall are sch 2.If its so addicting and gets you high,why isnt there a market for it like the drugs I mentioned? Ask the normal person or addict about dexedrine spanules and they will say...what's that?

> That's my concern for geno. If he's writing this way, who's to say he's not talking this way around his friends too? Or his doctors? Or in public? Remember the scene of the amphetamine-using mother in "Requiem for a Dream" while she had amphetamine psychosis on the train? Do you have any idea how much I don't want geno to appear in any way like that mother? I'm using words like "amphetamine psychosis" not to scare him, but to let him realize immediately what others (like his doctors) might think of him if he doesn't manage his stresses seriously.>

1st comparing life to a movie is unjust.I could say watch One flew over the cuckoos nest,Girl Interrupted etc.all movie that show negative things about mental institutions.Once again,what was wrong with his writings to warrant such comments.Specifically,if you could show them I would like to see.Was it a long post? who cares..I do thats why i read it.Was it fragmented a little? maybe...did he get his point across to me? Yes
Also where are the cases of amp psychosis? Ritalin,adderall and dexedrine not crystal meth.The med has been around since 1937,there should be tons of legitimate studies to show this.

> And frankly, you're right, it's up to his doctor to admit him to a hospital or not. But I just told him my experience to say, hey, I've been there, and it was a positive form of relief for me. It was comforting for me.
A lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders. Responsibilities I had at school were relieved from me after I told my dean I was "hospitalized," because they took that word to understand the extend of pain I was in.>

You clearly were not like this because of Dex,add or ritalin usage.To hear the words pain,responsibilities you had,weight of your shoulders makes me think you were misdiagnosed or given the wrong information about what you were going through.

> I'm sorry if you feel this way about what I said, but I just think the thing geno needs to think right now is that he needs to be feel comfortable about being open with his doctor on how he feels and being comfortable about the prospect of hospitalization should he seek it.
But I have to say, it's much better to do what I did, and not "let your doctor determine if you get hospitalized" and instead voluntarily admit yourself. That way, you're granted greater freedoms when you decide to leave.>
On what grounds would you admit him for? Seriously....he goes to the front desk and says....I write long posts? If he understands his opiate problem and is taking steps to better himself,why go to a hospital? I've been there and i saw people with schizophrenia,bi polar,major major depression,crying screaming,people licking themselves,one lady rolling around on the floor,One lady told me she was satan,people leaving when the orator was speaking...You are locked in and if you dont follow their rules are labeled as "out of control"
I was subjected to this because I had panic attacks.I believe and several other physicians believe this was totally inapporiate for me.A hospital should be treated when you can't function in society.For instance if you have the flu,break your leg etc.your never admitted unless you are not capable of functioning.To me,Geno has posted for years,he can function.

I see ya in the other post




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