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Geodon -- how long before results?

Posted by LenasGrandkids on August 26, 2004, at 22:55:33

Hello. I am in a 21 month very severe depression that was triggered by a psychiatrist making the terrible mistake of prescribing Aderrall for what she felt was a mild case of ADD. She did not consider my long ago history of manic depression. So, after a 14 year complete remission from any hint of mania or depression, I was plunged into a kind of semi-manic state which was folllowed by the most severe stubborn and anxious depression I have known. Being unable to care for myself or even be alone much of the time, I had to leave my beloved husband, my home and my career as a fulltime painter (artist) and move back into my mom's house.

After a year of conventional therapy, including nine different drugs (none of which helped, one of which -- Wellbutrin -- made my anxiety significantly worse for many many weeks), ECT, and CBT, I turned to alternative methods, dietary changes, meditation, exercise, fish oil supplements and other things ending with months of very intensive energy work with someone I trust and feel has a true gift.

Unfortunately, the energy healing has not given me results and my virtually incapacitating terror was growing so badly that with great conflict I have turned back to drugs.

I began Geodon two weeks ago at 40mg. I got an immediate bounce the day after the very first pill. This did not last. The following 5 or 6 days were extremely rough, but just slightly better than prior to the drug -- just enough to notice. Since then the past five days have been murder, throwing me into a kind of frantic despair that is almost unbearable. My incredibly loving family (my husband remains very involved and visits every weekend) has been trying their best to keep my head above water, but even with their almost constant help, I am gripped with severe anxiety and aggitation and feel "convinced" that this drug is not going to work. I know intellectually that I have not given it enough time yet and that I need to go up further on the dose and simply somehow wait more, but it is nearly killing me.

I am just today moving up to 120mg which my psychiatrist says in his experience is the usual beginning of a real theraputic dose. I was hoping that some of you could tell me your successful stories with Geodon and how long it took before you saw results or even the beginning of results and on what doses. Right now I'd rather not hear horror stories about the drug -- too painful. So if you could keep it positive that would help me greatly. I'm suffering very badly.

Thank you,





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