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Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news

Posted by pandareina on August 13, 2004, at 10:54:41

In reply to Re: Effexor withdrawal - very bad news, posted by pandareina on July 10, 2004, at 23:39:18

I first wrote on 7/10 regarding my attempt to leave Effexor behind. I am not good at writing, but I have been following the thread ever since. This place provided me the support and assurance that I am not alone ... thank you all!

Well I am still taking very small amounts of Effexor XR ... I am at about 25 pellets right now ... yep - 25 pellets of the hundreds in each 75mg capsule ... and I still get withdrawal symptoms when I skip a day! Sometimes I think I am over doing the slow detachment from this drug, but the symptoms are there to remind me that despite of the amount you take, your body reacts in a negative manner when you deprive it of this "medicine".

So my strategy has been been 3-4 pellets less per every couple of days. So far so good, I still have a couple of wekks left before I am done ... My fiancee tells me that I will be down to one pellet and will not be able to let it go ever!!!! :) Let's hope not.

I tried stopping cold turkey at the 32.5 mg mark and suffered for about 10 days, each being worse than the day before ... I could not do it any longer and I popped a pill in ... :(

This is my experience that I wanted to share with you ... once I am free of this drug I will write again to make a summary of how long it took me ...

God Bless and good luck to you.


> I have been reading this thread - may have read most of it, actually ... and I want to share my story:
> I have been taking Effexor for over 4 years - usually 150 mg a day, and I was taking 225 mg a day for the last couple of months.
> I am one of those "for-lifers" in this med, as per my doctor (I have chronic depression). However, I want to start a family and want to do so drug free. I have been reducing my intake every 7 days or so (225 to 150 to 75 to 1/2 a capsule (37.5 approx) to none).
> I have to say that when I was down to 37.5 I started saying 'I do not get this thing about having a terrible time getting of Effexor" because I have had none of the feelings I experienced when I used to forget taking a pill for a day or so ...then I stopped altogether taking effexor ... 24 hours later - the shocks, and all those other well known symptoms started creeping up. Then I realized that it does not matter the size of the dosage ... my ears go zoom-zoom, my brain falls behind when I turn my head ... the nausea ... the poopies ... the confusion ... But thank God, I have no depression - on the contrary, I cannot sleep. I am hyper, happy (too happy), calm and in control.
> This is my 4rd day without Effexor - the symptoms are now stronger than yesterday, and I am starting to feel a bit fed up with them. I want to tough it out - I do not want to take another type of pill or take some Effexor to take the edge off. I am looking forward to my crazy dreams ...or nightmares ... they can be fun and very scary too.
> Has anyone out there though it out - cold Turkey, can it be done? Will I go crazy before I succeed? I keep reading the thread - I have so many meds I can take - from Claritin to Vicadin to Clonapin (spelling) to pot to 5HTP and Omegas and good Vitamins ... the need for relief grows with every passing hour ... How much stronger the symptoms will/can get?
> I am so shocked with the addiction level of this med ... Effexor has saved me, after trying so many failed antidepressants. How sad to know now the price I have to pay for being saved by it.
> Ok, enough rambling - I am going to try to sleep some.
> Sorry for the grammar and spelling and rumbled thoughts - this is my brain ...this is my brain freshly out of Effexor! :)
> V.




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