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Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms - TIPS AND TRICKS!

Posted by RedHeadRed on June 1, 2004, at 0:50:12

I just went through the Effexor weaning process, as per my Doctor's instructions (slowly decreasing the dosage each week).

The following is advice to people getting close to their last week on Effexor:

-Try to get a week off of work following the last day you take a dose of Effexor.. you WILL need it and won't be able to function.

-Drink lots and lots of water (non-stop, you should always have a glass of water with you.. if you get sick of drinking like I did, add some lemon juice to your glass.. it was a big help).

-Inform all family members and friends.. if they cross your path, they may not like what you have to say.. :)

-Close all blinds/drapes in your house. You will want it very dark.. and preferably very cool. The darkness helped me with the brain zaps.

-Take two baths a day.. long long baths, very warm water. Pour plenty of Epson salt into the bath. This helps to draw out impurties and toxins from the skin. Light a candle. Put a towel under your head and soak for at least 20 minutes. Then using a washcloth or a bath brush.. start at the soles of your feet and thoroughly rub your skin to release toxins from your pores.

-Try to find some source of "white noise," such as a fan or airconditioner.. anything with a constant whooshing noise.. helps with brain zaps and dizziness.

-Keep TV volume, music volume.. or whatever, very low. Loud sounds are very instrusive.

-Take 2 to 3 benedryl a day. This REALLY helped me with the diziness/wooziness.

-Relaxing activites, such as watching TV or browsing the internet. I had trouble reading a book for long periods of time. Oh yeah.. when you watch TV.. DO NOT watch anything violent. Try to find neutral or relaxing TV shows or movies (horror flicks, violence, etc. will have a very powerful effect on your during this time.. I am not sure how? Can someone explain?)

-Hit the grocery store and buy plenty of warm, harty foods.. if you are in the mood to eat, you will want something you can snuggle up with.

-Sleep.. sleep.. sleep. Make your bed up very comfy.. lots of soft pillows and such.. you will be spending a lot of time there.

-YOGA! Very relaxing on your system.. avoid positions where you may put your head upside down.. you'll feel sick when you come back to standing.

-Be sure to take your daily vitamins.. also you may wish to include some essential fatty oils. Also take metamucil.. good for digestion and helps to absorb and remove toxins from the system.

-*This tip is a little crazy, but it really seemed to help.. * Buy Aztec Healing Clay from your nature food store and mix with equal parts of Apple Cider Vinegar. Stand in the bathtub and cover yourself with the clay. Wait till dry and rinse off. Again, this helps to remove impurties and toxins from the skin.. our largest organ.


Coming off of Effexor was one of the more challenging things I have ever had to do in my life. I did not feel like myself.. and I felt so sensitive to everything in my environment (almost like an extremely bad hangover). I experienced brain zaps from hell.. I felt like my brain was always two steps behind my body. I had a bit of indigestion.. I felt whoosy and sick to my tummy. All in all it was complete hell, and took a lot of will power to prevent myself from taking another pill to get rid of the symptoms.

Just remember to stay strong.. you CAN do it. Just ensure your environment is dark, cool and quiet.

The worst of the symptoms happened around noon on day two and continued till day four morning.. this is when the symptoms began to lessen. It took about 6 days to get completely back to normal.

This was last week.. I am on day nine now.. I feel almost 100% except that I am a bit more tired then normal.. and every few hours I get a few mild brain zaps.

I can't believe I was on a drug that was this strong.. and effected my body the way that it did.. wow. Next time, I will be sure to research a drug that is prescribed to me BEFORE I begin taking it.. I am so relieved I am off of this drug..

I took the time to write this post and share my tips, because I know what sheer HELL Effexor withdrawal is.. I wish the best of luck -- if you are getting ready to come off of Effexor!

Remember to use boards like this.. even just to read.. I found the support incredibly helpful.

**If anyone else has tips.. please feel free to share!




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