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Re: Pharmaceutical Assistance / Effexor jenniferjaguar

Posted by psychosage on May 27, 2004, at 23:40:47

In reply to Why are you going off Effexor in the first place?, posted by jenniferjaguar on May 27, 2004, at 20:37:28

> I wish one of you people would say why you're coming off Effexor or any other medically prescribed drug in the first place. Especially that babyape fellow, who has been sober 3 months, and takes himself off it cold turkey. What an idiot! He wants to be "drug free." He has no idea the damage his drinking has done to him chemically, but he's got to play doctor and god at the same time. Well surprise, buddy, you're going to crash big time. I give you a month, you'll be drunk on your ass. If people in AA are giving you that crap about "you aren't sober if you taking something" tell them to shove it. They're not doctors. If your md prescribed something, and you're not sure about it, you should see a shrink about it anyway, not some general practice person. Am I venting? Sure! I've been weaning off Effexor for 3 weeks, and have discovered at 25mg a day that my old feelings, rage, fatigue are worse. Which is a bitch, since I was fine at 75mg, but have been coming off it because I can't afford it, lost my job. Well I guess it's peanut-butter time, I'd rather been sane and eat lousy, I seemed to be OK at 37.5 for 2 weeks, so I'm going back up.
> Please please please if you are feeling good, dont come off the meds. You probably feel good BECAUSE YOU'RE ON MEDS!!!! I've been sober 20 years, and you don't want to know how many multi-diagnosis people have gotten drunk, or died because of this stupid idea. Please talk to a professional or an openminded AA sponsor before screwing with your head!
> > I thank all of you for your postings. I am a recovering alcoholic who went through inpatient therapy jan 1 2004 and the doc put me on effexor 150 mg daily. It did help with the mood swings and other stuff I went through. I am on my second cold turkey day of withdrawal and it sucks. I havent been able to move hardly today and sleep for maybe 15 min a hour. my bp is 145-85 which is normal for me. I do feel woosy and have no ambition now. I know it will pass just like the alcohol withdrawl symptoms did. I am tired of being on drugs. I switched from alcohol to effexor and they both made me feel the same. It is time to do it (life)naturally! Thanks for letting me ramble and if anyone can let me know what I might be in for (symptoms wise) for the next few days it could help.

Congrats on your time! I have 2 years and some change myself, and usually the people who are anti-medication in AA have stable lives without mood disorders or simply haven't recognized their illness from which alcoholism is their symptom.

Sobriety is also cognitive and behavioral as well as self-defined. It goes beyond the bounds of not abusing scripts, alcohol, and illicit drugs. I think many newcomers have to go through that error-filled process of deciding if cooked wine in their food or psych meds are acceptable. I only read your post, but this person will learn about what he really needs, god-willing.

One thing about AA literature is that it doesn't preach self-reliance and that includes relying on self-will alone whie mentally ill. Bill W. was a bipolar compulsive who would no doubt be sticking to his lithium or mood stabilizer today if he were part of these psychopharmacological times.

I find that AA fellowship itself can be a trigger for insanity and inanities.

I hope you find a doctor that will give you samples. They free-float everywhere, and if your doctor doesn't carry any Effexor then ask him to call the rep to bring some.

I take 75mg of Effexor myself among other meds.

I think finding a nice doctor is easier than jumping hopes for the pharmaceutical assistance programs.

If you have trouble affording a doctor now, look for some agencies and clinics with a sliding fee scale, but I am sure you are aware of this idea.

Check out the link below.




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