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Re: The potato

Posted by seeknsolace on May 9, 2004, at 7:02:02

In reply to Re: The potato caleb96, posted by TanyaJean on May 8, 2004, at 23:37:54

> > > sorry, but i'm not going to agree that i lack the expertise for biochemical discussions. i will state that i am not any expert in many fields, but am indeed quite well-qualified in serveral. i will also state that although i am misinformed on certain issues such as whether or not, say, mirtazapine is a SSRI, i am not at all misinformed on biochemical mechanisms or drug structure/property relationships. the distinction is clear: there are many, many posts regarding things like ``what receptors are targeted by (some compound)?,'' which generates responses distilled from the literature (mostly). there are fewer posts that ask ``how exactly does this drug work?,'' and my understanding of these matters - especially for certain classes of drugs - is quite coherent and i have provided numerous detailed posts concerning, for instance, which sub-units of the type-A GABA receptor are implicated in benzodiazepine binding, and the chloride-gating associated with GABA-flooding of the synapse....all the best, chemist
> > >
> > > > Yes, I wrote that last post off without thinking about it first.
> > > >
> > > > But let's agree that neither of us have the expertise to explain the biochemistry involved. That's why I provided the links to those who do.
> > > >
> > > > If you're interested in understanding how anti-depressants work, which is not the same as the potato theory, check out the introduction to Glenmullen's book, which is available online at
> >
> > Amen, Brother Chemist!
> >
> > I'm also a biochemist by training and I thought the same thing reading max-z's post--he/she's right about nobody having all the answers, but as you well know, a BS, MS, and PhD in biochemistry do give us a heads-up on current knowledge of the scientific evidence.
> >
> > Serotonin is a neurotransmitter made from the amino acid tryptophan, and (I'm not sure) may be found in very small amounts in potatoes--potatoes aren't exactly known for they're high protein content. If you want high doses of tryptophan eat dairy products and meat. Remember the old story about a Thanksgiving meal of turkey making you feel drowsy? But it won't alleviate one's depression.
> >
> > Complex starches, like those found in potates, are a good way to avoid the crash affect some people feel when they eat lots of simple sugars which cause a rapid rise in blood glucose and consequent insulin release to remove it from the circulation. But to think you can treat your (major)depression by diet is probably just grasping at a placebo effect. A combination of exercise, diet, good friends and/or understanding spouse AND medical treatment are still the the best forms of support. I won't give up up my medicines because they complement my total support system.
> >
> > Love & peace
> >
> > Caleb
> Well, the above I don't care too much about. The depression thing could be argued and re-argued. I really like sugar and carbs which I know affect my mood, making me up and down. It's not something I've studied, I feel it in my body if I've had too much of starch/sugar. If I can stick to protien and vegetables and still have fruit and grains, just in less amounts, then I know I'll feel better. I also know a potato will curb about any craving I have so that I don't go off the deep end. One potato. As far as prozac vs. potatoes, if it works for people then that's great. For whatever reason it works for people, then it works. Potatoes will not harm most people. I found EFFEXOR harmed me in more ways than one...(harmed ME, not everyone)

Im not so much writing about potatoes as the carb factor. I've noticed a couple things, 2 weeks after being off of effexor. The first week off, I was on prozac.. felt fine. After I finished my 1 weeks worth of prozac, got back to feeling nauseaus/body ached, but managed it.

After one week of this, I got a head/chest cold. I had only been sick one time, my two years on effexor. I am wondering if coming off, does something to the immune system or just purely coincidental. I've been so drugged up on cold meds, I'm not sure now how I'm tolerating being off effexor.

Now about a carb experience. During this past week, there was a down time of not having the cold meds in me, I had spaghetti for dinner. Immediately after I got done eating, prior to was feeling otherwise fine besides the cold, so I got done eating and got instantly nauseaus, body hurt really bad, just had a sudden urge to sleep, which carbs tend to do, but why the body ache and nausea? Again, maybe coincidental, but it was feeling of as when I was feeling the effexor withdrawal, also with the zaps.

Just some thoughts...

chemist.. thanks for replying, will respond soon. :)




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