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ADDr's....does this make sense? thinkfast

Posted by Dr. Bob on March 7, 2004, at 16:22:01

In reply to ADDr's....does this make sense?, posted by thinkfast on March 3, 2004, at 6:30:07

> I wrote this this morning after another experiment with Adderall....I was diagnosed with mild OCD and SAD, but I share many of the same similarities in the thought process department as with those with ADD. I'm trying to gather info so I can talk to my PDoc about trying a stimulant medication since none of the other meds help with the thinking....Does ADD even sound like a possibility for me? I brought this up with my T a long time ago, but she thought it was just me worrying about it too much...I disagree, It just make to much sense....Anyway, read and let me know your thoughts....thanx!
> This is extremely intriguing. Here is another experience with a stimulant to add to my research collection. Last night I felt the usual feeling of being off in another world. That layer of thinking that is just below consciousness dissepated after the Adderall. How similar is this thought process to those that have ADD? The truly hyperactive people and I have something in common with the thinking process. Them being physically hyperactive and I being mentally hyperactive are the difference. If I had the physical hyperactivity, we would be much the same. The usual layer of thinking was diminished considerably. Worrying about how I was walking, talking, moving, etc., were very easy to let go of. Most of the night I was oblivious to this usual worry, although it still found its way in from time to time. There was a difference in it though. It would come and go and I would not spend a great deal of time thinking about it. And, as usual, It was much easier to communicate with people for the lack of the underlying thinking. This is my biggest downfall when it comes to the anxiety. Also, I felt a strange calmness in being able to block out some of the external stimuli. I figured out that this is one of my major concerns also. When there is a lot going on around me my mind goes haywire. There is too much happening around me and tend to notice everything. This can relate to what Mandi calls scatterbrained. I always feel calmness when there are not many people around and it is fairly quiet. Before, I thought that it was because of the social anxiety, but now I am wondering if it is just a stimulus problem. Even going to wall-mart when they are least busy is considerably easier than when there are a ton of people there. It feels chaotic then. Hyper people get on my nerves too for the same reason. There is just too much to take notice of with them. I cannot focus when there is much going on around me. This also relates to my communication problem. It is much easier to get the things from my head to my mouth with this type of medication. What is it about the stimulant that lets one do these things, which are not normally possible? It obviously gives a person mental stimulation, which seems strange since too much stimulus is the problem. It all seems backwards. On the other hand, Ive read many posts that verify that medications for people with ADD work the opposite of what is usual outcome for most people. If I were to take this and go talk to a counselor, I feel I could sufficiently explain my issues with much more ease. I do not freeze up as I usually do. I am able to think when someone is around. Its amazing! This med also made me much more coordinated. It feels as if my body and mind were on the same wavelength instead of my mind working in overdrive. Most of the posts I have read on OCD and stimulants usually read that stimulants make obsessions and anxiety worse. Again, this is not true in my case. The anxiety stems from the thinking, which turns into an obsession after some time. Today it was stopped at the source. ??????I'm confused!!!!!Help!!!!!!




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