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Re: lex and a female question (more complaints)

Posted by Cathrina on February 27, 2004, at 10:32:58

In reply to lex and a female question (more complaints), posted by shadows721 on February 27, 2004, at 1:18:26

> Yep, I have had that. I swear it shrunk the enjoyment personal part down there too. If it were not for viagra, I would feel nothing at all. This drug is merciless in the sex dept. If I wasn't so damn depressed, I would throw it in the garbage yesterday. Also, I think Lexapro makes you more wet, but with no sexual stimulation. I mean you are just a unsensitive wet vessel with this stuff. That isn't a good receipe for good sex either. I truly think most women are not as aggressive in checking out themselves and see what's really going on down there. They are too busy worrying about how to make sure they please someone else or looking sexy. I mean it's your body for Pete's sake. Women better look and see the real deal, because the ob/gyn and your partner is. GEES! As a previous medical professional, I was horrified to learn how so many woman are so ignorant of how their personal equipment looked and functioned. Furthermore, I get really piffed off when I hear women say oh my husband doesn't mind my lack of interest, since taking lexapro. Yeah, I guess so. He still can have sex with you and have an orgasm guaranteed. You will just not get a darn thing out of it with your Antisexapro. I always wonder how many pregnant women really had an orgasm with the conception of their child. Hmmm, well we can only tell one partner did. I guess I am not laying down on this horrible antisexual side effect from this med. DAMN! Stepping off my soap box. Whew!!
> I am just really ticked off with the choices or should I say lack of choices for an antidepressant that doesn't turn me into a totally nonsexual fat being. I guess I have a lot of pent up tension from NEVER having any pleasure without another drug on board. To tell the truth, I am thinking about sticking this trash down a toilet. I am just plain sick of it. It's enough to make me scream. Hmm, maybe, it isn't working on the depression that well after all.
> *Believe it or not I edited this post to tame down the graphic nature of my complaints.*
> Thanks sexylady for the post and to the other women who posted. At least, you are telling the truth.
> Hope I haven't offended anyone. I have been in a bad way for a long time and I guess I don't think Lexapro has done the trick.

Hi Shadows

I completely understand your frustrations and complaints. Sex has always been a very important part of my relationships and to go without it and the desire for it is unacceptable. For me, Lexapro has been such an incredible asset to my life... my relationships, right now I can't imagine giving it up just to ease the sexual problems I'm experiencing. The reconnection my husband and I are once again experiencing is so much more important to me then being multi-orgasmic during our lovemaking sessions. However, I also will not give up on becoming multi-orgasmic again. There is tons of exploration we can do with devices, movies, gadgets and you name it. All kinds of kink to explore to create more desire and hopefully stimulation. If and when we've exhausted all those possibilities then I'll consider other options... other pills or maybe by that time I'll be at a point in my life where I'm able to go off Lexapro. Maybe I'm out of touch with reality when I say this, but I don't see Lexapro as being a lifelong medication for myself.





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