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Re: RITALIN, ADDERALL or CONCERTA: pls share your blaine

Posted by jerrympls on January 17, 2004, at 23:42:10

In reply to Re: RITALIN, ADDERALL or CONCERTA: pls share your , posted by blaine on January 14, 2004, at 12:05:14

> In the research I have found the side effects do include weight loss, with children especially. R and C as I will call them are the same chemical drug called, ready for a tongue twister,"METHYLPHENIDATE HCL". with Ritalin the drug is put in a regular or EXtended release capsule. Basically, as you take the pill your tummy digests it slowly over ? hours. Then it is time for another pill. Concerta is made of the exact tongue twister word, only this company made a way for it to be released slower with the same effect as a three times a day dose. Cool to me, I dont know if you are into this but i am a Nursing student and love this stuff. Please make sure you go to the same Pharmacy or tell all your Pharmacies you are on this and other drugs. IT IS IN THE SAME CLASS AS COCAIN, and can kill you vey quickly if not matched with the other drugs you take for heart,or blood pressure, and seizure meds. Make sure you go to a Pharmacy that gives you a list of drugs tah interact badly. Sorry for rambling but my Concerta hasn't started yet. This is my first day on it. I know this info because i understand the research that they put out. READ ACTS 2:38, 19:1-10 in the Bible. GOD bless.

Ritalin is not in the same class as Cocaine - it's been compared to cocaine and the chemical structure has at most found Ritalin to be a distant "cousin" - in structure - to cocaine - but don't classify Ritalin and Cocaine together. Ritalin is a schedule II in the US and I believe Cocaine is Schedule I.

Cocaine basically floods the synapse with neurohormones whereas Ritalin releases dopamine and NE and also slightly blocks the reuptake of dopamine.

I guess they both have the same addiction potential - but the comparision of Cocaine to Ritalin has mostly if not solely a product of media hype.

One could also say Xanax is "alcohol in a pill," which also has been fuled by the media - however alcohol and benzos are very dissimiliar in chemical structure and work through completely different mechinisms in the brain. But, if it gets you to tune into the nightly news then.....?

Just my 2 cents....don't take it the wrong way....





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