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Re: What are these symptoms? Angielala

Posted by KimberlyDi on January 15, 2004, at 14:35:40

In reply to Re: What are these symptoms?, posted by Angielala on January 15, 2004, at 12:51:42

> Perhaps change your doc, is that possible?

I should have added additional information but my hubby was heading out to lunch and I wanted to go with...

I've tried alot of types of AD's it seems...
Zoloft (did nothing for me)
Prozac (made me crazier)
Paxil (helpful for a few years)
Wellbutrin (helpful for a few years)
Effexor + Strattera (GREAT but blood pressure went too high)
Imipramine (100mg calms me down some, have to take it at night, not much help with depression)

These anxious feelings I'm having right now are familiar, because in-between AD's I've gone years without... and these feelings are what always drives me back to trying an AD.

Paxil isn't an option because it kills my sex drive and my marriage is suffering already. I can't go back to Wellbutrin because I fit into the class of people who have a higher risk of seizures. And the Effexor was perfect, but had a bad effect on my heart (with and without the Strattera).

> This is just my opinion.... but, if you are only on an AD and have tried them all, maybe the AD is pushing you into these episodes of irritability, impatience, etc.
> This is how I was diagnosed with Bipolar- the fact that the ADs sent me into a state of just being pissy (not depression, but just indignace for EVERYTHING, like road rage and everything you mentioned below). I'm in no way saying you are Bipolar, though you can never know. I jsut know that wrong ADs and wrong dosages can make you feel this way.
> I had to put my foot down in the doc office and said, "It's been too long, nothing has helped- we need a different approach" She disagreed and wanted to up what I was on then (Zoloft) and then gave me a downer (BuSpar). Didn't work, just added to everything. So I changed docs and after a LOT of honest discussion, BP was diagnosised.
> Don't be afraid to tell your doctor no, even if s/he swears it's going to probably help. I let my doc know that it takes a lot of experimenting to get the right balance, but I told her I wasn't a damn guinee pig either.

Thanks for your reply. I never believed I was Bi-Polar but I haven't done research on it anyways. I know there are periods of time where I am irrationally happy which I've learned has led to a severe depression episode. I try to hold myself back on the happy feelings now to avoid a severe crash.

I guess I'm disallusioned with finding a drug combo that worked. It kicked butt! But the same combo could kill me and pdoc took me off of it.

Thanks again,
KDi in TX

> > *Clausterphobic in crowds and public places
> > *Irritability with kids
> > *Impatience
> > *Anger at co-workers for always complaining & whining
> > *Defensive
> > *High/low/high/low mood swings in short periods of time
> > *Mental shutdowns (a wall blocking problem-solving thoughts) at the slightest obstacles at work.
> > *Frustration
> > *Shame at earlier outbursts, wonder why so angry.
> >
> > I've run out of options it seems on generic depression/anxiety AD's. I hate going to the pdoc for my next appointment knowing that imipramine isn't helping much and that she'll probably up the dosage.
> >
> >
> > KDi in TX
> >




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