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Re: The real problem cont..

Posted by zeugma on January 2, 2004, at 12:53:04

In reply to Re: The real problem cont.., posted by nicky847 on January 2, 2004, at 11:57:48

> Even if it is true that anti-depressant meds have negative long term effects...they also have positive long term effects...what about people with anxiety disorder whom the med helps who as a result may have hypertension problems relieved? Constantly living with panic attacks and the high blood pressure it can cause is very hard on the kidneys and the heart...
> And what about those who turn to alcohol or other drugs to self-medicate? A/D's offer relief from their symptoms in a far less destructive way..

I recently spoke to someone about the use of psychotropic drugs, and he told me he was a disciple of Thomas Szasz, who apparently is a major influence on Peter Breggin and is a major player in the "anti=psychiatry" camp. He told me with a straight face that mental illnesses have nothing to do with the brain. I don't know what to say to this, except that when such a great difference in world view opens up, the conversation is over. No doubt Szasz and Breggin find my conviction that mental illnesses have causes in central nervous system abnormalities equally hard to account for.

AD's are far better than turning to alcohol to manage one's psychiatric problems. And untreated illnesses only worsen the damage to already compromised systems. That is why boards like this are so important, so people who have actually lived through their illnesses can get past the judgments of those who know little about mental illness or the brain. I wish a forum like this had existed when I was younger: I might have saved myself years of depression by learning from the experiences of others with these devastating conditions.

> > My impression of Glenmullen's book is that he's a serious researcher, possibly he overstates the dangers of SSRI's and certainly can't be taken as the 'last word' on psychoactive substances, but is at least knowledgeable about (SOME) aspects of the medications he's talking about.
> >
> > This is what I've gleaned from reading parts of his book (I don't own it, have little desire to at this point).
> >
> > As for Peter Breggin: The man is just uninformed and has no credibility at all. He insists repeatedly that patients are made worse by psychotropic treatment, in ALL cases. this includes depressives, schizophrenics, bipolars, etc. He pushes instead an idea he calls "psychospiritual development" or some such. The danger is that he is playing up to society's fears about using drugs to treat illnesses, and so a lot of people consider him a credible voice regarding the pitfalls of these drugs.
> >
> > A more balanced critic of psychotropic drugs (which i take glenmullen to be, at least on a partial reading) would know something about the actual properties and effects of the drugs themselves, rather than ignorantly pandering to his audience's prejudices.




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