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Re: A Balanced Alternative View of Xanax maxx44

Posted by Clayton on December 4, 2003, at 9:25:24

In reply to Re: A Balanced Alternative View of Xanax, posted by maxx44 on December 4, 2003, at 1:21:55

Hey Maxx,

1. The multiple posts are a mystery to me. I'm sorrry. My computer seems glitchy. Maybe, I'm a clutz with the mouse tonight. I just do not know. But think please. What possible motive would I have for doing this on purpose?

2. Here's a quote from your post:

"the mark of a gentleman is to accept dissagreement and not be angry"

I invite you to carefully reread our exchange and honestly tell me who has evinced anger.

3. You have, without provocation, crudely accussed me of many things including "not knowing what I was talking about" to being the employee of a drug company. And much more. All I did was to express PARTIAL disagreement with you.

I have personal experience with every drug I have mentioned.

4.You have "overgeneralized" in tyring to make your points. In so doing, you have managed to make no point at all. For example:

"you don't know what you're talking one considers klonopin less second wife was addicted to klonopin. it destroyed a brilliant career"

I consider Klonapin less addictive than Xanax. (That's one more than "no one".)It doesn't give me that "antidepressant boost" or "euphoria" like Xanax. I find it depressing. My pdoc considers it less adddictive than Xanax. And if you would like web links to respected medical literature that demonstarate many doctors consider it less addictive than Xanax, I will supply them. (Although you can find them yourself!)

I am sincerely sorry that your second wife was harmed by Klonapin. But that's only ONE example and it proves no general case whatsoever. It does NOT support the case that Klonapin is not less addictive than Xanax at all! I NEVER said that Klonapin had NO abuse potential. Surly it DOES!

(I do know how it feels. I have battled addictions to several substances. (In the last year, at age 53, I finally beat them all including cigarettes. I don't miss any of them) My two youger brothers are hopeless alchoholics and cocaine addicts. I know how it feels. I am so sorry about your wife.)

5. You have jumped to all sorts of conclusions about what I think and then argued with me for believing things I don't believe and never said. Th irony is that I AGREE with you about so many of these things. For example, you said:

"i was switched to klonopin for a month. precipitated depression, a common complaint, and after being switched back, i was amazed to feel bugs crawling on me for 2 weeks, a typical klonopin withdrawal symptom".

The truth is that I find Klonapin VERY depressing. It is also over sedating, gives me total amnesia for the six hours it is active and utterly destoys my ability to sustain a train of thought. I REALLY HATE IT! After my Pdoc switched me to Klonapin from Xanax, it took me about a weeek to flush it down the toilet. I never went back to the Xanax, either. Not one tablet. And I didn't miss it and I had no withdrawl symptoms from Xanax or Klonpin. Don't miss cigarettes a bit either.

I'm just LUCKY with the lack of withdrawal symptoms. I know it's much tougher for others. I'm not "strong", just lucky. We all react differently.

I have been to hell and back as a result of drug use. I understand suffering as well as anyone.

Frankly, maybe you can help me. I have ONE close friend in the world (which is one more than some people with SADs have). He is about to swallow his first Effexor capsule. I am scared to death for him. I have sent him posts from Psycho-Babble but I don't think he reads them. Any ideas on what I can do?




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