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Re: A Balanced Alternative View of Xanax maxx44

Posted by Clayton on December 4, 2003, at 6:58:56

In reply to Re: A Balanced Alternative View of Xanax, posted by maxx44 on December 4, 2003, at 1:45:57

You seem to be the angry one, my friend. Perhaps even bitter (my subjective opinion). Peace! Please!

I had just about finished a LONG post to you and was "booted", wiping it out. I am so upset. I agree with more of what you say than you realize, as I was explaining in my obliterated post.

It's 4:00 AM here and maybe I can find time to reconstruct that post tomorrow. You might be surprised at how much we agree.

I DID NOT "CLOG" YOUR IN BOX ON PURPOSE! That is an unfounded, slanderous allegation but you are forgiven for making it. I have no idea how the multiple posts got there! I would never do such a thing. What would it accomplish? What on earth would it accomplish? Please be polite and rational.

For now, consider only this. I've have Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) for decades. Read about the long term prospects for sufferers of this disorder. XANAX SAVED MY LIFE. IT SAVED MY CAREER. IT SAVED MY SOUL.

For people with Panic Disorders, Xanax should remain in the toolbox. These days, other things, such as antidepressants and other benzos should usually be tried first. Lots of things can be tried first.

Xanax CAN BE dangerous. For most people, it's use should be planned as temporary from inception. Patients should be fully warned of ALL the dangers so that they can make an informed decision...just as with any medication.

I have seen several people use Xanax for years without increasing frequency or bumping the dose.
But I will not disagree that many people will do just that. Howevever, not a scintilla of a per cent will progress to using it as a steroid!

My friend, you took Xanax to increase your DHEA levels? Why not just take DHEA? It's available over the counter and inexpensive. You did not simply increase the frequency of use or bump your dose. You misused Xanax in an EPIC (and to my mind -- my opinion only -- , perverse way).
How much did you take? Why in God's name did you use it as a steroid? You used it for a purpose completely contrary to that for which it is prescribed. You KNEW you were doing this at the time. What do you expect when you misuse a drug so utterly and completely?

My advice, for whatever it's worth, from the bottom of my heart, is to come to terms with your present status and go on from here. Make the best of it. Don't be bitter. Face the fact that you profligately and recklessly misused and abused a drug. Then forgive yourself and make peace with it.

Read the posts on the substance abuse board by people who damaged their brains with amphetamines. You'll find a couple there by ME. Many of these people have made marvelous progress at forgiveness, acceptance and productively getting on with their lives. They are at PEACE! Read BarbaraCat's marvelous posts in particular. They helped me quite a bit.

By the way, I am now benzodiazapine-free myself. I was lucky and found a combination of two anti-depressants that put my SAD, depression and insomnia (that I have endured for decades) into total remission. I quit Xanax, without being prompted by my doc, cold turkey, and never missed it or craved it or looked back or had a single withdrawal symptom. (But it did save my life.) The Doc had substitutd Klonipin for Xanax. I flushed it (I found it sedating, mentally impairing and depressing). I don't want it. I will never go back. Just like you. I love this feeling of having a clear and uncompromised mind!

I'll try to write more tomorrow. My argument is that Xanax should remain in the toolbox as an option -- one among many and not necessarily a first choice -- only. If you really want to debate THAT, you're on!. It will be interesting and if you score points I will gladly acknowledge them.

Best Regards and Best Wishes. I look forward to a constuctive and open-minded, civil dialog.





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