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Posted by katia on September 10, 2003, at 12:35:31

In reply to Re: How's the Fluffsters?, posted by fluffy on September 10, 2003, at 11:33:42

Hi Fluffy, Barbara, etc.
I'm having a hard time figuring out what's what too. Sunday night I barely slept and Monday I had tons of energy. Monday I slept 11hrs and yesterday I could barely drag myself out of bed to run errands to just come crawling back to bed. Last night I slept 8 hours and feel fine today.
If the Depakote works doesn't matter b/c I'm so afraid of the PCOS and infertility and I'm certainly not losing weight by any means.
You've probably read some of the posts here, if you do go on Depakote, it may be worth your while to get some L-Carnitine. My pdoc wants to see how I do on Depakote for the next 8 weeks while I titrate slowly on Lamictal and then add Lithium (after coming off of Dep). He mentioned Trileptal sp? as a good one to try. I know that he said that it is similar to Tegretol, but with less side effects.

For me, all I know is that I want something with an antidepressant quality as that's my main thing. Like yesterday. It was awful. I'm sick of hiding away from the world. When is there a good time to just go back into it? work-wise. I wait tables twice a week and am starting to loathe it and it's exhausting. I'm too old for this! And I am going 1000$ in the hole per month!
I know I'm not totally stable (of course not - I'll be when I find the right med/combo?) as I do impulsive things that make sense at the time, but then a day later I cringe. for instance, I walked out Friday from my pdoc's appt. w/o paying, I forgot and then I went back on Monday to pay with loads of literature on studies/research for my pdoc along with a four page poem that I had written 9 mos. or so ago. I thought it would help him understand me better. It made perfect sense to give it to him then, now I can't figure out why I did that? Stupid things that I'm so sure about at the time and just have to do them or perform the act and am quite adamant and stubborn about it, then a few hours/days and I can't believe I've done it!

anyone else can relate? I'm not totally convinced that I'm BP. And I need for my pdoc to talk to me about things like giving him poems, leaving bizarre messages. How does he know that I am? It's all so confusing. I might just be agitated depressed. and the times I've experienced any type of mania was probably just my reaction for coming out of the depression cave. But I can relate so well to BP stories. I'm confused. And can dx's change over the years? And will I have to take meds for life?
I suppose I'll ask him all these questions.




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