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Re: Modafinil+ melatonin for sleep, adrafinil inst

Posted by utopizen on September 6, 2003, at 17:02:01

In reply to Modafinil+ melatonin for sleep, adrafinil instead?, posted by loolot on September 6, 2003, at 10:54:05

Provigil didn't work for me, I have idiopathic hypersomnia (like narcolepsy's sister, no cataplexy).

And I tried 500mg. So I'm glad to hear Provigil works for you. I have difficulty even with Adderall, so I switched to Xyrem and now I don't even need caffiene, I'm awake all day. Best part: the drug's completely out of your system the moment you wake up, it leaves through exhalating, not even in your urine/stool.

So you don't feel like you're on a drug during the day, yet you're wide awake until you take it to go to sleep, which puts you to sleep instanteously (you're directed to take it while lying in bed!)

Do you feel tired during the day? Provigil, in my opinion, isn't as "safe" as amphetamines... when you consider how many billions of patient years amphetamines have, and their relatively few adverse effects. But it's certainly safer than Adafinal, which I would discourage. It's not even legal in the states, to my knowledge, so it may be a violation to discuss it on this board if you mention how to acquire it or something.

Stick with Provigil. Melatonin has no real research to prove it works, and it only lasts like 2 hours later-- not that I've tried a drug that it that poorly documented.

Ambien is very safe, doesn't interrupt sleep stages like other sleep aides do. Have you tried that? Only downside is that not everyone finds it lasts long enough, so it could leave you with early-morning awakenings.

But in 2005, Ambien-SR is coming. 2005 will also see many hi-tech sleeping pills, including one that is a tweaked version of melatonin that lasts all night.

But I wish doctors realized the implications of having to take drugs for the side-effects of other drugs isn't necessary if Xyrem works for one's sleep and resulting reduction in daytime fatigue. Seriously! I've been able to go off of Desoxyn (methamphetamine) for my ADD just because Xyrem made me sleep so well my ADD symptoms are virtually gone, must have alll been a result of my underlying fatigue during the day.

Xyrem has to be the most under-appreciated drug in psychopharmacology today. It's sad how it will take so long for doctors to feel more "comfortable" about it, even after the intensive, 18-site research trials that proved its safety over thousands of patient years since 2000. Very sad indeed.

I disagree with hating Orphan for their sale of Xyrem. It's necessary that they have enough funds to promote it to doctors with a sales force, otherwise it would never be the success it is today with treating cataplexy. And they desperately needs funds for this, they don't have the infrastructure thatt other companies do who already have sales forces... they have to create their own.

And I think what, they have 20 sales people? They can barely reach sleep disorders centers, let alone psychiatrists! They give it for free if someone qualifies and they have narcolepsy with cataplexy, let's give them some credit-- it took millions to research it for the FDA, to prove it was safe. It was one of the most researched pre-market drugs in the past decade, let's give them our idealogical support.

And no, they don't have a "patent" on Xyrem-- they won't until they release their controlled release, 6-8 hour version. Which is another reason to favor the patent system in this country, otherwise they'd have no incentive to research, develop and test (millions of dollars to do) a method that allows us not to have to re-dose every 2-4 hours at nighttime.

Personally, I think that'll be worth every penny. I have problems with insurance companies paying for Viagra, and I'm a guy (albeit 20). I have no problem with them paying money to a company that could influence the most profound changes in the treatment of psychiatric illnesses this century. More power to them!




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