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Re: Pyroluria » Larry Hoover » freedom2001 » tealady

Posted by Ron Hill on September 2, 2003, at 13:01:28

In reply to Re: FISH OIlS NOT FOR ALL, posted by tealady on August 29, 2003, at 3:34:01

> Pyroluria (pyrrole disorder) (Pyroluria
> (originally known as malvaria) is a genetic condition resulting ...
> ..hmmm I have just about all those symptoms, then again I've usually take B6 and zinc and EPO...
> Jan

Hi Jan,

Jan, thank you for posting the link. Also thank you to Freedom for initiating the topic in this thread. And Larry, many thanks to you for your seemingly endless contribution of informative posts.

After reading the link (and the embedded links) I identified with many (but not all) of the symptoms for pyroluria (pyrrole disorder). So I went to my stockpile of vitamins and supplements and dug out a 100 mg tablet of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) and a 30 mg capsule of zinc (an amino acid chelate) and took them on an empty stomach. The benefit was profound.

Further, I have continued to take the B-6 and zinc (in isolation of taking my other vitamins) for the past three days and the benefits continue. It's too early to tell if it will last, but I wanted to document my initial response for others on this board to read.

Let me discuss the specifics. I am a bipolar II patient and I take 600 mg/day of Lithobid. It does a good job controlling my hypomania, but for some time now, I’ve been having a very difficult time with dysphoric mood states (extreme irritability). I’m convinced that the foul mood states are somehow related to serotonin deficiencies because when I take an SSRI the irritability goes away. However, I cannot tolerate the SSRI side effects. For a few months niacin was helping, but then it kind of lost most of its effectiveness. I switched to niacinamide, but it did little or nothing. I added some Neurontin (gabapentin) which helped, but the rebound from the short half-life medication left me worse than if I hadn’t taken it to begin with. But when I take the B-6 and zinc my irritability goes away.

But what I don’t understand is that I have been taking the same quantity of B-6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) as a component of my B-complex for several years. Further, I’ve been taking the same exact zinc chelate everyday for the past several months because of Larry’s writings regarding zinc. So I’m puzzled as to why taking B-6 and zinc by themselves on an empty stomach does such a good job (so far) treating my irritability, but taking the same amount of B-6 and zinc chelate on a full stomach in combination with my extensive matrix of vitamins and supplements does not even touch the dysphoric mood symptoms. Is it some kind of competition issue? Is the small amount (2 mg) of copper in my multi-vitamin interfering with the absorption of the zinc?

Next I plan to experiment with my omega-3 (fish oil) supplementation. I currently remain convinced of the general health benefits and the mental heath benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. However, after reading the links on pyrrole disorder, I got to thinking that my brain “feels good” when I eat foods high in arachadonic acid such as egg yolks and animal organ meats.

Any comments?

-- Ron




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