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Re: Naturopath visit results, please read Ponder

Posted by BarbaraCat on August 24, 2003, at 16:10:53

In reply to Re: Naturopath visit results, please read BarbaraCat, posted by Ponder on August 24, 2003, at 11:56:13

Hey there, it's been a while! Great to hear from you again! Are you taking HRT? What kind? You know that there's the standard formulary crap - Prempro and the like which is derived from mare's urine. That is the most problematic and it's tragic that it's the bulk of what gets prescribed. If this is what you're taking, or Premarin and Norprin or any of the standard generic synthetics, you are not doing yourself any favors. You have to ask for the bio-identical and even then you get the one size fits all dosage. They never test. Why? Because testing isn't cheap! I had been taking Prometrium which is micronized bioidentical progesterone and estrace which is bioidentical estrogen, (but estriol only instead of estradiol also), thinkin I was at least getting the 'natural' kind. No one ever tested me and it turned out that I was getting way too much estrogen and ended up with a buildup in the lining of my uterus, lumpy breasts and a precancerous condition that eventually caused hemorraging. Fun. My thyroid zoomed through the roof because I was on lithium but no one seemed very concerned even though I'm well aware of what normal levels should be and the many problems even miniscule abnormal levels cause. I had to INSIST I be given more thyroid than they were willing to prescribe (the party line being, oh, even though you're a little hypothyroid, it shouldn't cause any problems). BULL SHIT!!!!!

In short, my hormones were all screwed up and even the most basic dumb HMO tests showed this. Do you think my pdoc ever looked at those records, even though all my 'care' providers were in the same building? Did he ever bother to put the obvious pieces together that just maybe my loopy hormones were affecting my mood? Did my primary care doc ever consider that the very obvious unbalanced state of my physical systems had anything to do with the intense psychic suffering I was experiencing? Does anyone remember PMS?? Any woman (or man living with such woman) who's gone through rabid PMS can tell you about the hormone/mood connection.

So yes, you're point regarding concern about all the meds doing much good and maybe doing harm is very relevant. What's interacting negatively? Is there anything beyond hit or miss psych treatment that should be considered and explored? If you have an unusually good MD who knows what the heck they're doing, then thank the Great Spirit every night. Most of them are not the physicians/healers of the past. They don't have time and are dictated by HMO guidelines and drug company funding. We absolutely MUST take charge and learn about our bodies, and ESPECIALLY our hormones. I am on a soap box about this one and if I reach just one person, I can eventually die feeling like I've made a difference. We're putting our psyches in the hands of well-meaning sound-bite technicians who have no idea beyond the basics of what to do with us. We have to go farther than looking at our brain chemistry. WHY is our brain responding the way it is? What is causing the imbalance? What imbalances are our brain chemistry causing? The wholeness of our being isn't divided at our necks. Two books can help:

"Screaming to be Heard", Elizabeth Vliet
"The Wisdom of Menopause", Christiane Northrup

Ultimately, it means hoofing around and finding a talented and dedicated health practitioner who knows what the heck they're doing and takes the time to get to know precious you. It probably means paying out of pocket because, I assure you, the only concern managed care and health insurance companies give a rip about concerning your continued good health is if you don't cost them anything. They are out to cut costs and are NOT on your side. I'll keep my woefully inadequate HMO in case I get run over by a truck, but for my health, my naturopath is now my mentor because she is one smart cookie and I trust her wisdom and experience. Sorry to rant, but boy oh boy, am I pissed! The answer was right in front of their bamboozled faces and it was I who had to stamp my feet and do something! - Barbara




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