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Re: tyrosine Larry Hoover

Posted by tealady on August 22, 2003, at 19:57:48

In reply to Re: tyrosine tealady, posted by Larry Hoover on August 19, 2003, at 7:42:41

LaRRY. Thank you soooo much. You have given me many ideas to try, and much to learn, a lot of hope.

>The thyroid enzymes that are core to normal thyroid function require selenium (as selenocysteine). If you're not already taking it, get some selenium yeast. Most selenium supplements are from selenium yeast, but I have seen some that mention selenate or selenite. Avoid the latter.

Yes, I was taking the yeast form..selenomethionine?.
I did read somwhere about the different pathways of the forms, but have forgotten,sigh... Most on the thyroid forum seem to take the selenite form as they are worried about the yeast with coeliac, which sems to occur with a lot in a mild form...

>Selenium is also a neuroprotective antioxidant. Your body may be under massive oxidative stress from the chronic thyroid problems. It's possible your selenium is totally tied up elsewhere. Moreover, if you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, you may have high mercury exposure, which severely impacts selenium and all its enzymes.

Yes, know about the amalgam..have lots, removed 6 small ones..12 or so biggies to go..some next week(hopefully). I do take some selenium beforehand and after to help.

>The fact that you're needing to take T3 implicates selenium, at least indirectly (there are always other factors that may dominate), but the conversion of levothyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3) via deiodinase (three types) requires selenium.

Yes, I've read about D1,D2,D3..but got lost. I know they exist though<g>

I found personally 50mg was too much for me..and looked at my blood tests and my selenium was above range, with no selenium.
My Mum also found 25mg was too much for her. Her blood tested out even higher. The symptoms for "too much " are ..metallic taste in mouth, increased fatigue, and weight gain, and symptoms occur within a few days. It depends on the selenium content of the soil where your food is grown, cattle graze etc. I looked up the soil contents over the world and found some parts of Queensland have high levels, the US is pretty low in general.
On the thyroid forum, some have really been helped a lot by selenium, most find a range of 50-100 mg is enough.
This is one I think is a biggie too.
With me it must be the "other factors".

>If you're under oxidative stress (I really think you are), then fish oil will help restore membranes and receptors to their normal functional condition.
I couldn't agree more about the oxidative stress.
I had tried fish oil ...still have some in my fridge, but when I broke open the capsule it was rancid smelling. So I stopped using them. I had also heard of the mercury toxicity of fish making them not desirable to eat too much of. I also use to get "fish burps" and was told this was as the fish oil was rancid?
I've ordered in some fish oil of a different type..made from sardines and anchovies?, which supposedly have a lower mercury content. I'm in Oz and there appears to be no mercury free here..although one brand claims they source fish oil tested for mercury levels and only buy the top grade of 5 grades..but they only sell to practioners at present. Couldn't find anyone to sell it to me so far.

I already order my methcobalamin and P5P - B6 in from the US. I get hydrocobalamin injections here...the choice being hydrocobalamin or cyanocobalamin... ..not available over here. So far have managed to get thru customs.

Now looks like betaine(TMG) and NADH are also not available here..looked in past 2 days. Thanks, I hadn't heard of those.
I have tried years ago niacinamide,,didn't notice anything.

I have also just recently started taking betaine hydrochloride just after)or during) a large protein case it helps with digestion, but I can only take on a full stomach. The first time I could feel the acid..and I have never had ny IBS or acid before or since. At he same time as the betaine hydrochloride I have tried digestive enzymes..bromelaine, pepsin and enteric coated pancreatin,papain and protease. Unfortunately hey are no longer available here either, sigh. I can get just bromelaine and papain..not enteric coated though. Sometimes I drink pineapple juice.
When I lived in Qld, I grew pawpaw trees. I always felt better with a pawpaw after a steak there is something to the digestion bit.
Thanks again Larry..more later




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