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Re: Bobbles fluffy

Posted by BarbaraCat on August 21, 2003, at 15:06:41

In reply to Re: Bobbles, posted by fluffy on August 21, 2003, at 12:07:55

>>But with the upped Lamictal, I'm having significant trouble functioning (not wanting to wake up, forgetfulness, feeling out of it but wired--kinda like being on sudafed)

**How much lamictal are you currently taking? That was happening to me at lower doses and I had to keep backing off. But I don't think I ever had lethargy or forgetfulness (maybe I did, but I've forgotten), just the wired feeling.
>>Is any one exercise routine more effective for you? Is aerobic exercise better? I hate running. I only run if someone is chasing me!

**The best exercise for me is dancing but it feels like a sham when I'm really down. I need to be in a decent mood to get started and then it will lift me to a higher place every time. When I'm really in the pits, I hate everything and usually don't do anything except try to numb myself with benzos and pull the covers up. Those times are a total bust as far as exercise and I doubt I'd even feel better if I forced myself. I also get kind of clumsy and disconnected and tend to bump into things and trip over my feet - ohhhh, it annoys me to do anything with cords of any kind cause I always tangle myself up in them and trip and get really pissed off. But the really bad days don't last all that long and I'm learning to just have patience until they pass and then start up slowly again. Running always feels too jarring. Walking and swimming are good but there's the putting on of clothes, shoes, swimsuit. Anything that is the slightest obstacle is enough for me not to do it. Even yoga is a pain and unenjoyable until I get past the stiff stage. But aerobics do work out the stuck rage and anxiety as long as it's not chronically overly stimulating.

Mostly anything is better than nothing but it's got to be totally uncomplicated and accessible when I'm brain warped or I simply won't do it. So, I pulled my 5 year-old rebounder mini-trampoline I never used out of the garage 6 months ago and have been jumping on it and it's proven to be the best yet. It's a very good quality one, not the cheap kind you get from a sports store which will cause injury and stress to joints. It sits in my living room so I can't avoid it, I don't have to get dressed out of my jammies even except to put on a bra and ballet slippers (bare feet work, except our cats like to sit on it and they drag prickly outdoors things in with them), it's low impact, fun, and takes about 10 minutes to get a REALLY good sweat and heart rate going. I use it with the stability bar for balance and hand weights when I'm really motivated. Even two minutes gets the lymph circulating and helps clean out toxins. I don't always use it which is dumb because I really do have 2 minutes to spare, but discipline is hard.
>> I have an IUD which releases progestin. I've noticed since I've had it, that I've had some more mood swings. My gynecologist denies this b/c it is only supposed to work locally.

**Your gyn is wrong. You have a circulating blood supply, it's not a closed system where blood only circulates in that area. You're getting a dose of it. Progesterone is a known suspect in causing depression, and progestin, which is synthetic causes additional side effects. You're not getting a large dose but all the same it could be tipping the scales, especially if you noticed a difference since getting it. It's a dilemma if it is the progestin and you want to keep the IUD. I don't know of any natural methods to counteract the effects. It's something to consider as more information for the puzzle.

>>When you say natural, do you mean the soy stuff?

**No, I take a bioavailable miconized progesterone prescription called 'Prometrium' and a natural estrogen called 'Estrace' which I get from my conventional ob/gyn. They're derived from the wild yam, but a modified to exactly mimic our own hormones. This is for menopause and probably wouldn't apply to you. When you reach that stage and things haven't changed much in the medical field, you have to insist on the bioavailable stuff cause they'll try to give you the synthetics. The soy stuff isn't a good choice for me because it interfers with the thyroid gland. Hormones are huge players in the mood thing and it's criminal that most medical providers don't seem to make this connection.

> I also want to give the fish oil a whirl. I figure that it couldn't hurt to try. And hell--it's natural. It might even help with Acne. Any experience there?

**Yes, I take a very good product called 'Carlson's Lemon Flavored Castor Oil'. It tastes pretty darn good. To get the brain benefits you'd need a handful of pills which you most likely wouldn't take, so the liquid is better. At least 1 teaspoon twice a day is recommended (refrigerated). I don't always take it, of course, but I think it helps. You can get it from most natural food stores but has the best prices.

It's definitely helped my oily skin and dry hair. Flax oil is also good, so I take both. Oh, one more thing about the rebounder - you get a fabulous facial exercise from it as well.

> I'm going to visit with a big-wig in the art world in my studio about having a show in a major institution.

***OOOOHHHH, good luck!! The follow through is scary, though. I guess we just have to do the best we can at any moment and learn trust.




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