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Re: Straterra approval.

Posted by readyforchange on August 5, 2003, at 13:35:31

In reply to Re: Straterra approval. Shel Swartz, posted by Viridis on August 3, 2003, at 1:43:26

(I have two things...a question and a comment.) I have come to my wits end with my ADD. I was diagnosed at 17, and couldn't take the meds long enough (3days - half the battle is just remembering to take the pills) for them to work. Since then I have been trying to survive without taking perscriptions for my disorder, and in my opinion, I am now a mess. I just turned 25 and have sought out help, with the aid of meds, over the past two weeks....I have not taken anything yet, but Strattera is suggested. My doctor has said it would be best if I did some research before she prescibes it ( I find that very unusual, b/c doctors normally can't wait to write out perescriptions - but it makes me trust her.) I have allowed ADD to completely take over my life, but I won't babble on about that right now... my question is - does Strattera cause increases in appettite, or can I take something with it so I don't gain alot of weight (*because I know that will make me stop, or prevent me from starting to take it.) I don't have an eating disorder at all, 130ish 5ft 10- very normal, but I have a hard time not complusivly stuffing my face or procrastinating on excersise... I don't need it to get worse. Any insight would be helpful,thanks!

Oh, and a word to the infamous Mr.Shel Swartz... I was thinking that maybe the reason you and your child were able to overcome your issues with ADHD, was due to the fact that you were probably not a victim of the disorder to begin with. To write things that state, "it is all in your head, snap out of it," is very similar to the thinking of people without ADD. They don't get it... just like I probably haven't the slightest idea of how your brain truly functions...and I wouldn't assume to know. I do know that I am highly driven and motivated person, with an IQ of over 140(depending on which test you take) yet I have managed to destroy everything in my life path because of ADD. I would appreciate it if you would not try and take away my hope of a better tomorrow, because you want to prove to yourself and the rest of the world that you do not condone the capitalistic society in which you live. I agree that the US over medicates, and I do not support that. It is all about the dollar, true, but that does not mean that our conditions do not exsist. I was never allowed to take meds as a child, unless the situation was very I am not in the habit of popping pills.
Mr. Shwartz, you can run without athletic shoes, but not far- and your feet will wear out quickly, and I am sure that you function far better when you wear them...I bet you will most likely buy "a" pair, if not more. Isn't that the same basic principle? Why don't you write letters to the owners of Nike for praying on "the victims of sore feet everywhere," instead of mocking people for ther mental disorders? On the otherhand - possibly you do have this disorder. Someone may have given you the speeches like you are posting, and you became exhausted of defending yourself, so you switched sides. Maybe people were able and willing to give you the constant attention neccessary to overcome it, but it is a continuous proccess that doesn't just get better. I just think the world would be a more loving place if the bitterness, like you have displayed, did not exsist. I could go on and on... but I think you get my point, please feel free to reverberate on my posting. Best Wishes.




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