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Re: Effexor XR for Menoapause

Posted by yankeegirl on July 26, 2003, at 13:30:22

In reply to Effexor XR for Menoapause, posted by Helaine on July 26, 2003, at 11:04:26

> I had a hysterectomy at age 42 and am going through menopause. My doctor put me on Effexor xr 37.5 mg once a day. He told me he see's wonderful
> results from many women that are going through the "changes" Has anyone heard of this and if so is it helping? My family is tired of wearing garlic around their necks from my mood swings..not to mention I'm not thrilled of the way I feel as well.
> I have taken my 4th dose far I don't feel much like eating (A GREAT THING) and I do feel as though my energy level and coping skills are slowly returning!! Any comments..would be appreciated!!!!! However I am still getting hot flushes..but he said give it 2 weeks!

Hi Helaine,

I've been reading posts here for a month, probably a thousand of them, and I don't remember anybody being prescribed Effexor distinctly for menopause. Many people have taken Paxil or Zoloft and many other things for depression, but typically people who take Effexor have it because of depression PLUS anxiety. It can also help with OCD.

When you mention having increased energy and coping skills, I would hazard to say that that is a placebo effect (which isn't bad either) because the effexor builds up in your brain slowly and it takes at least 2 weeks to start to feel a difference, at least that is what psychiatrists and most posters say. I didn't really feel any change over even a month. Right away I did feel 'less overwhelmed' but I think that is because I finally found a kind dentist. I still did not have energy to do things until yesterday, I started my first dose of 150, up from 112, and had 2 iced teas, and last night and today my brain is just jumping! To some people, caffeine really magnifies the anti-depressant effect. Also, some people get the opposite reaction to drinking alcohol, the next day, you feel slow and unenergetic again, as if the alcohol wiped out the antidepressant for the next 2 days.

I don't see how Effexor will help you with hot flashes because MANY posters here have a side effect of mucho sweating. Others dont. Some take their effexor in the morning so they can sleep at night, some take it at night so they wont be tired all day.

I dont' know how many people have NO side effects, because they have no reason to really come here to find out about it. I, myself, have noticed no side effects, except for really feeling awake during the day for a change.

Are you seeing a family doctor or psychiatist? From reading so many posts, I would say that family doctors have to know about so many things, they only know a little about everything - jack of all trades, master of none. So they do not know that there are bad withdrawal effects unless you taper off VERY slowly, some people who know they are really sensitive even go so far as opening capsules and dividing into halves, thirds, and quarters! If you forget to take it one day, you may get very bad side effects too. And some keep their patients at the beginning 37.5 dose without increasing. Psychiatrists know more about each different drug and the subleties of when to use what and how to change dosing to minimize side effects.

Other posters are on Effexor during menopause, but it is not BECAUSE they are in menopause.

That is all my own opinion gleaned from reading the posts that I have read. Hope that gives you a start... Yankeegirl




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