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Re: to everyone about everything! Daphnis

Posted by zinya on July 24, 2003, at 23:37:46

In reply to to everyone about everything! KimberlyDi, posted by Daphnis on July 24, 2003, at 21:54:53

what a great post, Daph! sooo vibrant!!

imo = in my opinion
imho = in my humble opinion

also some other abbrevs that might come up:

eom = end of message
nm = no message
lol = laugh out loud

you're right that small talk is, for us, huge talk! or maybe it's that it's "stilted talk" ... or "living up to expectations talk" ..

what a good point you made about breathing. I have (still boxed somewhere with all my books i've never unboxed since moving here) a book on Chi Breathing that i used to have in abookcase near my bed to remind me to think about breathing - which we take for granted but don't "exercise" and practice it for the deep breathing that really can make a huge difference in overall health... The minute i read your sentence i found myself filling my belly with air :)) and breathing deep. I'm usually pathetically forgetful and breathe way too shallowly.

and what an evocative word, "awfulizer" !?!?! but, i dare say, it sounds like a word that belongs in your get-rid-of pile! :)

speaking of Aspertame, what did it for me was learning a few months back that allegedly aspertame turns into formaldehyde in the body. I heard it from two different sources and then read it somewhere. Not sure it's 100% gospel but it was enough to make me stop buying diet Coke, although i only periodically "got by" on it, but now i've forced myself if a need a Coke to drink regular, which means i have had only 2 in the past 3 months.

ritalin for depression?? isn't ritalin for hyperactivity? i'm confused. or is this another case where it regulates either extreme?

well, again, your post was so full and fascinating and your energy seems even contagious. I just ended (well getting near) my 2nd day on 150 mg. and amazingly since the 2nd day at a level is usually when side effects kick in, but i didn't even have those head pressure feelings i described yesterday.

The only thing is that for second day in a row i woke up way too early with only about 5 hrs sleep and couldn't get back to sleep. But i think that could be my VERY sore back from the major adjustment to unrotate my lumbar on Tuesday and it's still so sore that i think it woke me up, so not sure it's an Effexor effect. But i'm kind of stunned (in a positive way) that the only thing i'm dealing with is feeling a bit zombie from lack of sleep - Oh and still getting hot and sweaty way easier than before but that wasn't too bad either.

And the tree guy cleared off the downed trunk and another one that was in danger of breaking too... But i was sad all day for the birds who i'd hated to deprive of their multi-layered perches just off the deck... I have to get energy enough to plant them a new tree that won't risk breaking ...

i'm getting heavy-lidded and probably won't make it through all the posts and it's only 9:30 pm, and i never go to bed before midnight (pre-Effexor it was 1 am -- Effexor does seem to make me sleepy earlier but this is kind of ridiculous - i'm not a 9 pm sleeper...

what did you mean by "addiction filter option"?

anyway, i'm babbling (again)... hasta la vista ... or hasta la escrita (?) ...

hugs to all,




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