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Re: Prozac just like other SSRI's..ohh

Posted by jay on July 7, 2003, at 17:59:47

In reply to Re: Prozac just like other SSRI's..ohh, posted by crazychickuk on July 7, 2003, at 11:31:47

> I hated prozac, i was put on that last year, god it made me depressed, 2 ppl from my town that i know took prozac, and both committed suicide, they should ban it..

I have been thinking, as many of us have, for a long time about any link between Prozac (or any SSRI and even all antidepressants) and suicide. On one side is the $cientologists and thier like who say their is an absolute corelation between the two. Then there are the drug companies who say there isn't any *absolute* corelation...but have been slowly revealing that it may be a "minor" risk.

From my own research, and this is summed up well by the author of "The Noonday Demon" and that is two things: One, all a.d.'s have a somewhat 'activating' action to them, and it may be that anxiety overflow that leads to suicidal thoughts. (I have to first a.d. was amitriptyline, and after a few weeks on it, I can remember the day clear as anything, I hit this wall of anxiety and deep depression unlike anything before, and started to cry and thought about *seriously* ending my life. This was 100x worse than anything pre-medication.)

Second, when our depression lifts, we are still left with facing problems that may have put us there in the first place. Often those problems get worse over the course of our depression (whether it is a relationship problem, or financial, or job oriented...the 3 that seem to be the biggest ones.) So, we end up feeling very overwhelmed, and again anxiety may overtake us and stir up these "oh my gawwddd...this is TOO MUCH!" type feelings.

I think a lesson out of this is that our treatment has to be very pro-active, and very slowly we may have to learn how to deal with other aspects of problems in our lives before our deprerssion can lift. (Of course I also think medication to counter the anxiety also is important, and that can range from benzos to, if the benzos don't work, either antipsychotics for immediate relief and/or mood stabalizers.) I also think a support system is important, and I know this is one of the hardest for many, because sometimes family and any friends either turn against us or move away from us.

Anyhow...thanks for your post....




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