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Re: zoloft withdrawal symptoms osama

Posted by Barbara Cat on April 26, 2003, at 14:28:54

In reply to Re: zoloft withdrawal symptoms Katia, posted by osama on April 26, 2003, at 14:04:44

Dear Ana,
It's unfortunate that you can't find a good doctor. Most of the following meds suggestions all need prescriptions. As far as decreasing Zoloft, 50 mg per week may be a bit too much. On the other hand, if you don't have any stressful events coming up it may be a good thing to just get it over with. The question is whether the vertigo is caused by Zoloft withdrawal or if there's something else going on. You could always try Dramamine and see if that helps - it would at least give you more info to work with.

Mood stabilizers are prescription meds that typically are considered anti-epileptic drugs because they have the ability to smooth out how fast or in sync the neurons fire. They've been found to help with other mood disorders, especially bipolar, but also when an SSRI is not working. The common ones are lithium, depakote, neurontin, tegretol. I've been greatly helped by lithium because SSRI's would work for awhile and then quit and I'd have to increase to dangerous doses. I also believe my symptoms are bipolar II mainly with depression.

Benzos are prescription tranquilizers like valium, ativan (lorezapam), Klonopin and others. They chill you out considerably when going through the withdrawal crazies and also have mood stabilizer properties. If you have an ongoing anxiety condition then benzos are used for an extended time. The problem is that one builds up a tolerance to them after a while.

I don't recall what you're condition is and why you're going off Zoloft? Like Mike said, maybe you're not on the right AD. Of course, with no doctor around it's difficult to get a good diagnosis and help.

Have you tried fish oil or SAM-e? They're over the counter and can help with depression. You have to get very good quality fish oil because of pollutants and randicity. A good one is Carson's Cod Liver Oil, lemon flavored. You'll need about 2 tablespoons a day. If nothing else you'll notice your skin and hair getting gorgeous! A good website that has great prices on vitamins,etc., is

Ana, if you have a mood disorder then you'll need the correct meds until you're over the hump. I'm very much into nutrition, yoga, meditation, etc., and have tried countless times to 'do it on my own' and had to throw in the towel every time. If you live out in the boonies and have no recourse to a good pdoc then perhaps you can do some research on the web, get very informed, and then tell the nearest doctor what you need. Or else, you could find an online doctor who could do telephone consults. I don't have anyone to recommend but it's worth a try. Would you mind telling me again what your symptoms are? Perhaps put out a new post on the Babble board asking for suggestions. I sure know I've been helped immensely from friends on this board. - BarbaraCat

> thank you for your msg, you mentioned me finding another doctor, where i'm living it's very hard to find a good doctor, and i have given up on my privious one, he doesn't seem to help, you mentioned mood stabilizers and benzo, what i'm thinking of doing is continuing the zoloft cut back by 50 mgs a week till i stop it completely, and probably take a mood stabilizer, i badly need to stabilize my mood! but what are the mood stabilizers? i don't know any. just give me a brand name and i will go and get it, and what is a benzo? if it would help, i would run and get it right away. and would these two help with the dizziness, or vertigo i'm going through?
> thank you barbara, i highly appreciate this, you seem to know much more than i do, but i badly need to go off zoloft.
> thanks,
> ana




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