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Re: Lexapro and Hitachi » leeran

Posted by lil' jimi on April 8, 2003, at 22:14:41

In reply to Re: leeran and Lexapro and Hitachi and blkvettes » lil' jimi, posted by leeran on April 8, 2003, at 16:57:44

> Well, hell, I might as well add that my husband is Italian as well.
> My elderly father (who has told me, more than once, that he hasn't had sex since he was 41, thanks dad for TMI) had some samples of Viagra that he didn't need (it takes two to tango and the other "tango-er," my mother, is on Paxil and doesn't think too highly of him anyway) so he gave them to me (just in case).
> So, my hubby tried it once but it really didn't do anything that different than normal so we just tossed the rest of them.
> Re: Lexapro - I started it but felt so catatonic that I tapered off after about five days. I had to go Las Vegas for a trade show (last minute) and I was afraid I might sit down at a slot machine and just pull the handle for eight hours straight and forget I was supposed to put money in (or go visit the trade show).
> Are you splitting 10's to get to 5's? Have you gained weight or felt catatonic? Given your description of your orgasms I'm guessing that you're beyond any type of catatonic stage.
> As for me, I pretty much taught myself to be multi-orgasmic (in the closet with a prehistoric appliance) just to p*ss off my jerky first husband. I decided that would teach him to call ME frigid. Best lesson I ever taught myself AND best look on his face when I had him stop counting at ten the last time I had sex with him before I filed for divorce.
> Hey, at least anti-depressants haven't robbed me of all my memories ;-)

hi leeran,

well, i am so glad that you got yourself a good guy that makes you happy ... i don’t want to imagine the shape i’d be in without the loving support my best friend / wife ... your ex and you folks sound like a real trip ...

about six years ago my mrs was prescribed paxil for social anxiety ... we spent years trying to figure out what had become of her libido ... no one Ever mentioned ssri induced sexual SEs ... we suffered through it, but not knowing why was devastating ...

yet from my short-lived experience of lex induced anorgasmia....
plus my sweetie-pie’s testimony of our tragedy with paxil ...
put together with what i’ve read from our posters on this thread ...
i have learned that sexual dysfunction for men can happen in any combination of three surprisingly separate components:
1) libidinal desire;
2) erectile function;
3) orgasm.

it is not surprising that failures of 1) or/and 2) would stop 3) ... nor that 1) can stop 2) and 3) ... that poster i was quoting had Viagra give him 2) but it did nothing for 1) and 3) ...

what is surprising to me is that you can have all of the 1) and 2) you can stand, yet zero 3) ... and that the 3)-ability can be determined by SSRIs and therefore by our neurotransmitters status Alone ... which is very much what it was like for me for three, while this lasted, Unnerving days.

i’ve got to say that we believe that certain levels of ssri-induced anorgasmia would be impervious to mr.Hitachi’s wand’s magic .. very few things could be so frustrating ... yet, for me, so gratifying when it went away ...

still in my recovery, “things” haven’t been the same since ... they have been better

i split 10 mg tabs using an exacto-knife ... it’s not exactly exact-o ... sometimes they crumble ... i’ve established a tradition of taking the smallest ‘half’ along with the crumbs and saving the more half-like half for the next day ... wouldn’t sustained release 5 mg tablet be nice?

i took 10mg on march 6 and had such adverse reaction i reduced my dose to 5mg ... then i found this web site and kept up the 5mg since ... i was lethargic, but like i had the flu and i would get trippy when i took my dose and i had anxiety-attacks for the only time in my life and even worse depression along with anorgasmia ... for moments i did feel vegetative, sort of catatonic ... my appetite was weird , but i have lost weight, although there are other reasons for weight loss ... i had a (routine) colonoscopy friday.

thanks for the endorsement for the hitachi magic wand! ... we’ll be getting one for fun ... maybe two!

but reading these posts inspired me and sustained me and helped me keep taking lex ... now all the anti-therapeutic effects have subsided and i feel better.

So, has anyone else experienced any improved sexual function after being on Lexapro?
Thanks to all of our posters ... you have all been a very great benefit to me,
~ jim




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