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Posted by matt66 on April 8, 2003, at 20:08:47

I've tried everything including ect. nardil is the only thing that worked (at 45mg kicked me out of chronic deporession for three weeks, then lagged, then we switched). in hindsight, i probably should have just upped the nardil at the time, not switched meds, but I've tried nardil on higher doses and for longer periods and can't get it to work. keep having paradoxical reactions. now the plan was to stick with parnate for three months, since its another maoi, and I've been chronicaly depressed/ocd/sp for 12 years (Im 22 now), the thought is maybe i just need to sit on an maoi for a long ass time. anyway, that's what I'm going with. The Nardil was the real deal, TCA's make me miserable and I've sat on paxil, prozac, celexa etc. So, starting the parnate i felt ok. Bad insomnia, but I don't even care about fixing that. I want to stay on this med. it is just so fucking hard. It's been two weeks and I'm real cumpulsive, biting my gums and picking my nails. Usually I can act a fake happy personality, but that's getting harder to do. I have positively no motivation. I realize this is partly the depression/ partly the med. anyone find they had initial good reaction, then bad reaction and then wait it out for the good to overcome the bad full force? I feel like that's what could have happened had I stayed on the nardil the first time, and since my first few days on Parnate, i seemed to calm down a bit, i hold out some hope fr it. the present is just so hard to deal with, even as I know, and tell myself constantly that I need to sit on meds and give them time for my body to adjust to start seeing beneficial results. it's just that the nardil hit me overnight, i get so frustrated so quickly. anyone have similar experiences? If I can't take this shit any more, I'm going to Manerix which I've only tried once for eight days, and then to nardil again, this time with the plan of titrating the dose slow as hell, so I don't get as spacey/withdrawn as I was last time I was on it when we bumped it up to 90mg the first week.Most people I've asked on this forum don't see it as a typical poopout, since I was only rerally on it for a month, three weeks of which it brought the most dramatic changes that have left me obsessing every moment for four years since how bad i need it back and how pointless my life is depressed vs. how easy everything was when I came up for air. any reply would be helpful. even just to tell me to sit on the fucking parnate and be patiernt and don't think about it and put blind trust in something for once, even as road signs make it look like I'm moving in the wrong direction.

much love,




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