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Re: Dexedrine vs Desoxyn

Posted by utopizen on April 7, 2003, at 16:09:17

In reply to Re: Dexedrine vs Desoxyn, posted by saint james on April 25, 2000, at 14:56:54

> Very few doc's use Desoxyn as the methyl version of amphetamine is often abused.

It is signifigantly less abused than Ritalin, and even lesser abused than the other prescribed amphetamines (Dex + Adderall). It may be "often" abused, but less often than Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Adderall. The word "often" is a comparative term...

where you trying to say "often" in animal models? Because that might make more sense. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be true, since animal models still can't objectively distinguish whether a chimp is taking Ritalin or cocaine in a controlled test...

As Desoxyn is a long acting amphetamine it does not need to be in a time release formaulation.

Well, it's actually the shortest-acting amp around. Around 3-4 hours for me. Hence why Desoxyn Gradumets (R) were around for decades, which were extended release methamphetamine. It was discontinued in 2000 due to manufacturing problems. Only the immediate release is still around. I just called Ovation Pharma, which bought Desoxyn, and they told me they're changing the Abbott logo to theirs. I'm keeping one as a collector's item.

As Dexadrine is very sucessful with most people with ADD there seems little reason to go to the stronger Desoxyn.
Unfortunately, that's simply not true. Only 70% find complete remission of their symptoms from stimulant intervention. That's 30% who still suffer from ADD to some extent. I know a 7-yr old who has inattentive ADD, and nothing works on him. He's even tried Desoxyn.

Ovation would not have given $40 million to Abbott if there wasn't a market for it, especially since Ovation has board members who use to be VPs at Abbott.

Methamphetamine is more addictive than amphetamine. There is some indication that the subsituted amphetamines are more neurotoxic.
> james

ALL amphetamines are neurotoxic when they're taken interavenously. Perhaps you glanced over that little tidbit in reading about meth's neurotoxicity? There's never once been a study that even tried to claim meth's neurotoxic at oral doses. There's a huge difference between a brain cell getting a drug over a 20 minute period at onset and a brain cell getting a drug over a 2 milisecond period at onset.

Seriously, James, I'm glad you take time to answer people's questions, but some of the things you said in your post simply aren't things that have ever been said about Desoxyn before.

And since you claim that you've taken all the amphetamines, I'm going to have to assume you've taken street meth rather than Desoxyn. I take this because street meth lasts 5-8 hours on oral dosing, and Desoxyn doesn't come close to lasting that long.

And if you're reading any research on Medline, keep in mind it's very, very, very rare for methamphetamine research to test oral Desoxyn.

It generally tries to use IV, or "Methedrine" (available in hospitals to reverse complications during anesthesia). It's simply more fun to see how screwed up the brain gets on IV meth than how effective the brain gets on oral Desoxyn. In the meantime, less is learned for ADD-- an actual illness that one doesn't elect to have- and more is wasted on drug addicts-- who choose to destroy themselves

I might go back to Dexedrine because Desoxyn causes a bit of a problem with sweaty armpits for me...




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