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Larry Hoover Re: Ok- now who takes vitamins/

Posted by McPac on April 5, 2003, at 0:34:00

In reply to Re: Larry Hoover Re: Ok- now who takes vitamins/ McPac, posted by Larry Hoover on April 4, 2003, at 10:42:40

"Did your blood work include an assessment of homocysteine? (It's probably elevated.)"

Yes! Before I began their treatment plan I had to go to a local lab in my town and have the homocysteine test.......a typical 30-second blood draw that cost $180!!A very expensive test. (I don't even know what the results were as I was going to wait until going back to Pfeiffer to ask, since they were sent the results).

"I don't quite follow the need for supplemental methionine, as betaine will remethylate homocysteine to methionine, as will B-12".

I don't know Larry. A lot of this stuff is very new to me.

"I'd still take magnesium, too".

I do! Pfeiffer also has me on calcium/magnesium, 1000mg/day of each. I like my magnesium...I think it relaxes me and helps me sleep more sound.

"Response is said to take months, as you have to let your folate metabolism "wind down"."

I know that Carl Pfeiffer wrote that high histamine reduction requires great patience and often takes 6-12 months to accomplish. I wondered why it would take so long (in contrast, many other nutritional treatments of Pfeiffer's, for other conditions that people have, produce dramatic results often in very short time periods). Is the long amount of time required for achieving the lowered histamine level mainly due to the lengthy folic acid metabolism process that you wrote about...or is it because of MANY various physiological factors that need corrected?

"I'm not sure that high histamine and blocked serotonin synthesis aren't both caused by something else".

Very interesting serotonin, what things do you speculate (or know of) that may block it's production?

"Zinc deficiency causes copper overload. I can't see how you can separate out the symptoms of one from the other (unless you have the genetic defect which leads to Wilson's disease)".

I was reading a list of high copper toxicity symptoms on-line and the list of symptoms were dead-on to so many of mine (some symptoms which I had often wondered about for sooo many years and knew there must be a biochemical basis for; of course I STILL can't say for SURE but so many of my symptoms were there). I know that zinc-copper go together.

"Zinc regulates copper, and blocks its uptake. So you really need zinc supplements. Also, selenium".

Right again Lar! Pfeiffer has me taking zinc also! Soooooo funny that you mention selenium though....because that is one supplement that I myself have been wanting to add and now that you say that I am going to ask the Pfeiffer folks if I can add that!

"Ask as many (questions) as you want to".

I have one other question but I will need to gather a bit of info. before posing it correctly(re: sodium-potassium ratio).

"I'm really interested in how well this works for you".

Larry, you would sure make an awesome Pfeiffer employee! Every comment you made, every question you asked were all like it was coming from the Pfeiffer people. I have NO IDEA how you can understand, retain and explain the incredible mountain of information of biochemistry that you have. These fields (chemistry, biology, nutrition, physiology, etc.......all this info gives me a headache and I can't keep too much of it straight, lol. Take care and thanks!!!





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