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Re: Magnesium--HELP anyone johnj

Posted by JLx on April 4, 2003, at 13:48:15

In reply to Re: Magnesium--HELP anyone Larry Hoover, posted by johnj on April 3, 2003, at 22:36:55

Hi Johnj,

> Well I had a great 9 day run with Mg. I think I may have screwed things up just being so happy not to be down anymore.

I know how tempting it is to think that way, but I think it's wrong. Why should happiness screw up anything?

>I have had problems working out in the past but I thought the Mg cured that.

What I've found to be true after magnesium was the answer to depression is that to STAY in a good place, I have to pay attention to many other factors. Making sure I'm not too acidified by my high protein/low carb diet is the latest. I was feeling "less well" a couple days and when I looked back trying to determine what was what and did some more nutrition reading, I recalled I was drinking lemon juice in water and cinammon tea (both alkalizing) before. So I made myself some vegetable broth (yuck!) and have been drinking both lemon juice in water, apple cider vinegar and cinammon tea throughout the day and it's worked. Or maybe it was also the potassium in those foods that helped. Can you tell if there's anything else besides the added exercise you've been doing differently just recently? How about glutamates in your diet? That was a previous bugaboo for me.

>I wonder what weightlifting does to the brain chemistry?


Another similar:

"Excess cortisol without the protective effects of adequate DHEA levels becomes destructive. Protein synthesis is inhibited and protein breakdown occurs. Numerous dysfunctions can occur in:

The nervous system: poor memory, poor concentration, cognitive disturbance, sleep disturbance, irritability and sometimes depression."

>Any idea on what type of doctor could help me with this? We have a university med center close by with an alternative medicine division too.

There should be someone there, I would hope, otherwise orthomolecular medicine practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists, or even some more mainstream physicians who advertise a "holistic" approach might be able to help. Here's the "Find a Practitioner" page from WholeHealthMD. Here's one on orthomolecular centers: There are search pages on other health sites.

>I will not work out at all for a few days and see what happens.

Isn't the conventional wisdom for weight lifting every other day as a rule?

>Again, I read calcium is calming, but Eby's article paints it in a different light.

I think he's right with calcium=excitotoxin but the key word is "excessive", though determiing how much is excessive for each one of us may be another story. Article on excitotoxins: Brief comment from USC Neurosurgery Dep't

"Excitatory neurotransmitters normally stimulate the release of calcium which in normal concentrations, is necessary for normal enzymatic and metabolic activities within neurons. Excessive excitatory neurotransmitter release stimulates excessive calcium release. Abnormally high concentrations of calcium cause increased activity of enzymes and metabolic processes that destroy structural and functional proteins that can lead to cell death."

Dr. Blaylock, who wrote the book "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" is a neurosurgeon. I haven't read his book yet. Had you been ingesting aspartame, MSG, or other forms of glutamates the night you couldn't sleep?

> How do I know how much elemental Mg I am getting? I am thinking of trying the Mg glycinate and malate but the latter is harder to find.

I just ordered Carlson's magnesium glycinate from The Vitamin Shoppe, as they have the best price I've seen so far.

Although I have had some days where I too was worried that my new "cure" was going to be short-lived, now after nearly 6 weeks I feel much more confident that I can determine what I need to do differently to keep feeling good. Hang in there. :)




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