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Re: Bipolar II Irritability » Ron Hill

Posted by catmint on March 30, 2003, at 23:57:13

In reply to Re: Bipolar II Irritability » catmint, posted by Ron Hill on March 30, 2003, at 17:28:55

> Amy,
> Refresh my memory. If I remember correctly you were on a benzo at one point in time? Did it reduce your irritability? Which benzo? You’re not on it now, right? Just Lamictal monotherapy, correct?

> No I haven't ever taken a benzo except one time during a surgical procedure I was given intravenous valium. Wow, that stuff is incredible. Total euphoria. Anyway, my pdoc is benzophobic and to be frank I don't want one anyway. I have an addictive personality so I doubt it would be good for me. I read a lot about it on this board; it seems like people are split down the middle on them (good vs. bad).

> And you also tried Neurontin, right? Did that reduce your irritability? Why did you quit?

Yes, I took it for about a year and I don't know if it helped with irritability cause I was on Wellbutrin and Prozac at the time. That combo, along with copious amts. of marijuana, sent me into a mixed state episode that almost got me hospitalized.
Isn't Colin on Neurontin and Lamictal? I need to ask him about that.

> Sorry to ask all these questions that I'm sure I've asked you before, but I have a hard time keeping everyone's medication history straight in my mind. At one point I started to keep track of some of the poster's dx and Rx histories in Word documents. But the problem is that it is too time consuming to track these data for everyone, and I do not know in advance which posters I am going to stay in contact with for extended periods of time and, therefore, I don't know which poster's data to track.

> No worries, Ron. I think it's fabulous that you are such a great support for me and others on this board!

> I can relate to your irritability issues. I hate the feeling and I hate the hurtful words I say to people in my life when I am in a dysphoric mood state.
> What have you found over the years that help to reduce your irritability?

> High doses of pure Kava Kava root from the island of Vanuatu. Seriously! Prepared the traditonal way by chewing the dried root and spitting the quids in a bowl, then kneading and working the mashed material in water, is a sure way to get the most benefits from this amazing herb. All other form, tincture or pills do nothing.
Other herbs I've used(and I'm going to order real soon), are wood betony, passionflower, valerian, skullcap, catnip. I haven't tried gota kola but I want to.
All these herbs support the nervous system quite well, so I am hoping I'm on to something here.
I only just need to be consistent.

> PS Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, how much?

> No, used to, but not now. By the way, no pot anymore either. Quit that about 7 months ago, and am damn happy I did!





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